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Mar 22, 2022
Backup4all 9.x
We strive to keep our help as accurate as possible. If you notice any inconsistencies or outdated info please let us know.
On the Notifications page of the Options window (accessible from the File, Options menu item) you can configure the expiration time for each notification message type.


Active profile - Here you can select which profile to be used:
  • Silent - no notifications will be displayed
  • Normal - notifications will be shown for all basic actions
  • Verbose - notifications will be shown for all actions
  • Custom - user defined for which actions to display notifications
Here is the list of all message types:
  • Action started
  • Action finished with success
  • Action finished with warnings
  • Action paused
  • Action resumed
  • Action stopped
  • Action canceled
  • File or folder errors
  • Ask for backup label
  • Split mirror file confirmation
  • SFTP host key confirmation
  • Overwrite confirmation at restore
  • File not found at restore
  • File not found in zip at restore
  • FTP destination warnings
  • SFTP destination warnings
  • Backup folder creation errors
  • Disk prompts and warnings
  • CD, DVD or Bluray destination warnings
  • Delete confirmation for smart backup
  • Cloud storage destination warnings
  • Force independent split warning
  • Backup source not available warning
  • Resume zip upload for previous backup
Select a message type to modify it. Here are the options available for each message type:
  • Show notification - check this option if you want to see a notification message for the selected action
  • Popup noficiation - check this option if you want the message to be shown in a popup window. Otherwise it will be shown in the Backup4all status bar.
  • Expires in - set the expiration time for the selected message type. By default is 2 minutes.
Notifications window
The notifications window shows different messages for user. There could be informal messages or actions required.
At the bottom there are 3 buttons: to show the notifications window from File->Options->Notifications, to expand all notifications and the last button to collapse all notifications.
You can also Dismiss all notifications or you can simply press Close to hide the notifications window.