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Options: Backup


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Mar 22, 2022
Backup4all 9.x
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The Backup page of the Options window (accessible from the File, Options menu item) contains settings related to the backup operations.



Warn before canceling the backup - If checked a confirmation message will be displayed when a backup is canceled before being completely executed. By default this option is checked.
NTFS daylight saving correction - The Windows NT File System (NTFS) reports wrong file times after the clock changes according to daylight saving time rules. As a consequence, the program sees these files as changed and backs them up. When you check this option these files will not be reported as modified. By default this option is checked.

Default compression filter
This default filter is applied to new backup jobs by default, to increase the compression performance. It defines what types of files to be stored uncompressed in the zip file. These are files that are already compressed (e.g. zip, rar, mp3 or avi) and using the zip compression on them wouldn't result in a smaller sized backup. This can also be modified individually from each backup job's Properties->Types->Advanced window in the Filters box.

When destination not ready
The options from this group affects scheduled backups. The first number (Retry option) indicates how many times the application tries to access the destination location if it is not available. By default this option is set to 3 attempts. The second number (Wait option) indicates how many seconds to wait between two consecutive attempts to access the destination location. By default this option is set to 60 seconds.

Smart file scanning mode
Select when the "Smart file scanning mode" option from Backup Properties->Advanced page will be used.
  • Never - the option will never be used.
  • Always - the option will be used every time.
  • When source file count is - move the slider to left or right to decrease or increase the limit when the "Smart file scanning mode" will be used.
The slider steps are: 20,000 (Very small)/ 50,000 (Small) / 200,000 (Regular) / 500,000 (Large) / 1,000,000 (Very large) of source files and folders.

Backup on demand

Enable One Touch Backup support
Use this option to enable the Plug-and-Backup functionality. If the option is set, you can choose which Backup job or Backup tag will be executed when the portable drive is plugged in. Sometimes (when the backup job or the backup tag is deleted or renamed) the target backup cannot be executed. In this case a dialog will be shown asking you to either create a new backup, select another backup or disable the Plug-and-Backup functionality.

Please connect your USB enclosure and make sure it is turned on and ready. Press the Detect button to check the compatibility with the One Touch Backup feature. If there is at least one compatible device, a message will be shown listing all the disk partitions (drives) on the devices. You will be informed if there are no compatible devices. In this case the Enable One Touch Backup support option will have no effect even if it is set.

What to execute
  • Backup job
Use this option to select a backup job.
  • Backup tag
Use this option to select a backup tag.

Exit application when finished - use this option to close the application when the above selected action is finished.

Memory usage
This option allows you to change the memory usage level. You can move the memory indicator to a lower or a higher level.