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There are 4 editions for Backup4all: Professional, Standard, Lite and Portable. Backup4all Professional is the fully featured edition, while Standard and Lite have fewer features enabled. Backup4all Portable is a portable version of Backup4all that can be installed ONLY on USB flash drives.

Backup4all Professional

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Backup4all Standard

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Backup4all Lite

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Backup4all Portable

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Backup destinations
Professional Standard Lite Portable
Updated Cloud backups to Google Drive
Updated Cloud backups to Microsoft OneDrive
Updated Cloud backups to Box Cloud
Updated Cloud backups to Dropbox
Updated Cloud backups to Amazon S3
Updated Cloud backups to Azure
Updated Cloud backups to Hidrive
Updated Cloud backups to Hubic
Updated 37+ Amazon S3 Compatible cloud destinations
Updated Backup to Google Cloud Storage
Backup to FTP (active/passive transfer modes)
Updated Backup to FTPS (FTPES, FTP-SSL or FTP Secure)
Updated Backup to SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
Backup to CD/DVD (single/dual layer)
Backup to Blu-ray/HD-DVD
Backup to external hdd (USB/Firewire)
Backup to network drives
Backup to removable media (USB flash drive, floppy)
Backup to local hard drives
Backup to ZIP drives
Can be installed only on USB/Firewire devices, but cannot schedule backups.
Backup sources
Professional Standard Lite Portable
New Backup sources from FTP/SFTP
New Backup sources from Google Cloud Storage
New Backup sources from Microsoft OneDrive
New Backup sources from Dropbox
New Backup sources from Google Drive
New Backup sources from Amazon S3
New Backup sources from Azure
New Backup sources from BOX
New Backup sources from Hidrive
New Backup sources from Hubic
New Backup sources from Amazon S3 Compatible locations
New Define predefined network connections
New Multiple different backup source types in one job
Backup from local hard drives
Backup from CD/DVD/Blu-ray
Backup from external hdd drives
Backup from removable media
Backup from network drives
Backup from ZIP drives
Professional Standard Lite Portable
Updated Customizable ribbon interface
Remote backup monitoring via Backup4all Monitor
Show job details in card/list mode
Navigation pane
Notification messages
Windows Explorer contextual right-click menu
Explore view
Backup view
Progress view
View backup statistics
Multi-language support
Group backup configurations using tags
Access application according to system privileges
Lock program interface with a password
Show "Getting Started" window
Show versions in Explore View
Start application at Windows startup
Minimize application to system tray
Add sources with drag-drop
Search as-you-type for backup jobs/tags in backup list
History window with backup, restore, test, cleanup logs
Show available space in destination on Statistics View
Create desktop shortcuts for backup jobs and backup tags
Default predefined backups
Microsoft Outlook backup plugin
Quick access toolbar
Advanced backup properties configurations
Customizable backup options
Visualization modes for application startup
MSI setup for automatic deployment
Automatic updates
Professional Standard Lite Portable
Backup open files
New backup wizard
Stop/cancel all backup jobs
AES encryption (128-bit, 192-bit and 256-bit)
Password store management
Select individual files and folders to be backed up
Inclusion and exclusion filters for files and folders
Create and use general predefined filters
Possibility to pause, resume or stop a backup
Override filters
Suspend application
Run missed schedules
Email notifications on success, errors, warnings
Run program/action before and/or after backup
Run program/action only once
Clean backup action with parameters
Clear backup before executing a scheduled job
Erase disc before backup
Use local catalogs
Play sound on success, warning, error
Set backup thread priority
One Touch Backup
Independent spanned backups
Back up empty folders
Delete sources after successful backup
Updated Create backup log
Updated Create backup catalog file
Run backup at system shutdown
Run backup at log-on or log-off
Free backup plugins
Plugin creator to generate your own plugins
Possibility to set memory usage for backing up
Scheduled suspend
Browsable file and folder selection
Assign volume labels for removable media
Assign label for each backup version
Search file/folder in Backup view
Backup types
Professional Standard Lite Portable
Smart backup
True incremental backup
Differential backup
Full backup
Mirror backup - without compression
Mirror backup with individual file compression (.zip)
Store multiple versions for full backup type
Store multiple versions for differential backup type
Store multiple versions for incremental backup type
Limit number of backup versions
Backup format
Professional Standard Lite Portable
Compress backup files (zip format)
Obfuscate file/folder name in zip archive
Support for zip64 technology
Choose zip compression level
Password protected zip files
Customize zip name prefix
Split zip files
One-to-one copy
Copy files with NTFS security permissions and alternate streams
Use NTFS change journal
Custom application data file locations
Backup execution
Professional Standard Lite Portable
Show backup progress
Compress catalog on destination
Smart file scanning mode
Execute all backup configurations in a tag
Perform unattended backups using Windows scheduler
Command line
Keep multiple catalog versions in destination
Verify backup integrity before execution
Professional Standard Lite Portable
Test backups
Test backup tags
Test & repair backups
Test FTP/FTPS/SFTP backups
Test after backup option
Set test thread priority
Backup test performed after writing each disc
Updated Create test log
Professional Standard Lite Portable
Restore wizard
Schedule a restore operation
Restore using command line
Restore all files as of specific date
Restore specific backup increments
Filter files to restore
Restore to different folder
Restore selected file
Restore selected version of a file
Restore selected folder
Restore preview
Set restore thread priority
Restore only specific files from cloud backups
Updated Create restore log

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