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How to Use One Touch Backup


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Mar 22, 2022
Backup4all 9.x
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You enable the One Touch Backup support from File->Options->Backup page. When running for the first time, there will be no configured backup job to execute, so you will have to configure it as explained in the previous section, How to Configure One Touch Backup.
Once everything is configured, you will just have to push the One Touch button and the selected backup job or backup tag will be executed.
If Backup4all is not started, it will start automatically. If it is already started, but minimized it will show a pop-up window or the main window while backing up (depending on the settings from the Options window).
When the backup finishes, Backup4all is automatically closed if the Exit application when finished option is checked. If the main window of the application was already open when the One Touch button was pressed, the Exit application when finished option will be ignored.