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Options: CD, DVD or Blu-ray


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Mar 22, 2022
Backup4all 9.x
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The CD, DVD or Blu-ray page of the Options window (accessible from the File, Options menu item) contains the settings of the CD, DVD or Blu-ray burners.



Use SCSI Pass Through Direct Layer (SPTD)
Selected by default if drivers are available. Backup4all uses this internal burning engine to write CD, DVD, HD-DVD or Blu- ray discs. SPTD is a new method of access to storage devices and has the ability to provide direct control of devices without risk of compromising it by some malicious 3rd party filter drivers or other "rootkit" applications.
SPTD is currently supported only on Microsoft OS Windows XP and above. SPTD (similar to other access layers) is not removed from your system after Backup4all uninstall, in order not to disrupt other applications that may use it.

Use native Win32 Interface (SPTI)
If you have problems backing up using the SPTD method, we recommend you to use this option.


Load CD, DVD or Blu-ray before backup
If checked, the CD, DVD or Blu-ray media is loaded before the execution of a backup. This option is useful when the CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc was previously ejected by another process.

Eject CD, DVD or Blu-ray after backup
If checked, the CD, DVD or Blu-ray media is ejected, but not reloaded after burning process is finished. By default this option is not checked.