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How to create an exact copy of the source drive on another drive

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Oct 30, 2019
Backup4all 8.x
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Backup4all can create an exact copy of a source drive to another destination drive, using the Mirror backup type. It should be used only for data files backups and not for system backups. Please note that Backup4all cannot back up the system drive nor the OS.
There are cases when you need an exact copy of the source drive, to be quickly replaced with a backup drive in case it crashes.
Make sure you select the drive letter of the source drive and the drive letter of the destination drive when configuring the backup job. Selecting a subfolder as source, it means you want to back up only that subfolder in the specified destination.
Follow these steps to create and configure the backup job:
  1. Open Backup4all and select File -> New (Ctrl+N).
  2. Select a destination for the backup. Click Next.
  3. On the What do you want to backup page, select the backup source. Press Next twice.
  4. On the How do you want to backup page, select Mirror type. Press Next.
  5. On the When do you want to backup page, you can set the backup job to automatically run on the specified time and days. Press Next.
  6. On the Personalize your backup job page, enter a name for the backup in the Backup name field.
  7. Click Advanced mode button.
  8. Go to Type->Mirror.
  9. Uncheck the Create full paths and Copy files in a subfolder options.
Note: Please note that if you back up files from multiple drives on the same destination drive, some files might get overwritten if having the same path.