How to manage backup groups

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Jul 16, 2018

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How to manage backup groups

This article shows you how to manage the backup groups. The backup groups are useful to better organize and manage the backup jobs in Backup4all.

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Create a new backup group

  1. When creating (or editing) a backup job using the New Backup Wizard in Advanced mode (or Backup Properties), type a new name (that does not exist) for the backup group. The new group will be created when the wizard is finished.
    manage groups
  2. Right click on backup list (left panel of the main window) and choose New Group. The Create a new group window will appear and you can enter the name of the group. A new empty group will be created (which can be selected later from the Groups combo of the New Backup Wizard or from the Backup Properties window).
    manage groups

Rename a backup group

Select the backup group from the groups drop-down list. Open the File menu or right click on the backup list and choose Rename Group. A window similar with the one for Create a new group will appear. You can enter the new name and press OK. The group will be renamed and it will keep all the backup jobs it had.

Delete a backup group

Select the backup group from the groups drop-down list. Go to File menu or right-click in the backup list and choose Delete Group. A warning message will appear before the deletion. If you choose Yes, the backup group will be deleted with all its backup jobs. To move backup jobs to a different backup group, you must edit the backup job's properties and select a different group for them.

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