Array ( [id] => how-to-manage-backup-groups [name] => How to manage backup groups [published] => 2012-01-13 00:00:00 [modified] => 2018-07-16 05:54:51 [tags] => ["how-to", "manage", "backup groups"] [status] => 1 [brief] => This article shows you how to manage the backup groups. The backup groups are useful to better organize and manage the backup jobs in Backup4all. [descr] => ### On this page: - [Create a new backup group](#bookmark1) - [Rename a backup group](#bookmark2) - [Delete a backup group](#bookmark3) ___ [](#) {@id=bookmark1 .anchor} ### Create a new backup group 1. When creating (or editing) a backup job using the New Backup Wizard in Advanced mode (or Backup Properties), type a new name (that does not exist) for the backup group. The new group will be created when the wizard is finished. ![manage groups]({{IMG-LOCATION}}22-manage-groups.original.png "manage groups") 2. Right click on backup list (left panel of the main window) and choose New Group. The Create a new group window will appear and you can enter the name of the group. A new empty group will be created (which can be selected later from the Groups combo of the New Backup Wizard or from the Backup Properties window). ![manage groups]({{IMG-LOCATION}}23-manage-groups2.original.png "manage groups") [](#) {@id=bookmark2 .anchor} ### Rename a backup group Select the backup group from the groups drop-down list. Open the File menu or right click on the backup list and choose Rename Group. A window similar with the one for Create a new group will appear. You can enter the new name and press OK. The group will be renamed and it will keep all the backup jobs it had. [](#) {@id=bookmark3 .anchor} ### Delete a backup group Select the backup group from the groups drop-down list. Go to File menu or right-click in the backup list and choose Delete Group. A warning message will appear before the deletion. If you choose Yes, the backup group will be deleted with all its backup jobs. To move backup jobs to a different backup group, you must edit the backup job's properties and select a different group for them. ![manage groups]({{IMG-LOCATION}}24-manage-groups3.original.png "manage groups") [videos] => [note] => We strive to keep our articles as accurate as possible. If you notice any inconsistencies or outdated info please let us know. [popularity] => 0 [applies_to] => )