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How to create a private-public key pair

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Oct 16, 2019
Backup4all 4.x - 8.x
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This article explains how to create a private-public key pair. Private-public key cryptography is a relatively new cryptographic approach whose distinguishing characteristic is the use of asymmetric key algorithms instead of symmetric key algorithms.
Every digital certificate has a pair of associated cryptographic keys.
This pair of keys consists of a private key and a public key.
A public key is part of the owner's digital certificate and is available for anyone to use. A private key, however, is protected by and available only to the owner of the key. This limited access ensures that communications that use the key are kept secure.

Create a private-public key pair using Backup4all

Follow these steps to create a private-public key pair using Backup4all:
  1. Open Backup4all
  2. Go to Properties (Ctrl+P) -> Destination -> SFTP -> Edit configuration
  3. Under Private key section, select Key file
  4. Press Create key pair button
  5. Type a name for the private key file and press Save
  6. Enter a password for the private key file and press OK.
  7. You can see the generated key files (both private and public) in the location specified.

Video Tutorial create private-public key file: