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Using Backup4all - FAQ 9

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Oct 27, 2022

We strive to keep our articles as accurate as possible. If you notice any inconsistencies or outdated info please let us know.
This section contains answers for frequent questions regarding the registration process of Backup4all.

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I get a message: "Revocation info for this certificate is not available". What should I do?

During the reactivation process, Backup4all is trying to access the activation server. This message appears when the certificate revocation server cannot be accessed to check the certificate.
In order to avoid that message, please open Internet Explorer -> Internet Options -> Security.
Uncheck the Check for publisher's certificate revocation option.

I cannot back up files from my Synology NAS drive

First, try to see if there are other connections from the same computer to the NAS drive. If yes, disconnect it, delete the SMB cache and restart it.
Try again to run the backup from Backup4all.

I get a popup from Themida when trying to run Backup4all

Error message: "A monitor program has been found running in your system. Please, unload it from memory and restart your program."
Themida is the protection component of Backup4all, which detected a process monitoring application running on your computer. Please note you cannot use both applications in the same time: Backup4all and the process monitoring one.
We cannot tell you the name of the process file causing the situation, as Themida does not report that. One of the known process monitor applications is: “Process Monitor”.
After closing the process monitoring application, you will have to close it and restart the computer before using Backup4all, because the driver remains in memory until the computer is restarted.

I get a decompression error in backup log

This error means the zip file is corrupt and cannot be unzipped.
Usually, there is a problem with the RAM memory or the hard disk.
  • To test RAM memory, please create a zip archive larger than the size of RAM. (Example: if you have 4 GB of RAM, create a zip > 4 GB using WinZip or another application).
  • To test the hard disk, run a scan drive for errors.
As a solution, you can try to split the backup in smaller parts of 1 GB in Backup Properties->Compression page. Also select the “Create independent splits” option and press Save.

OneDrive Throttled

If you get this message in log, it means your account was throttled by OneDrive.
If OneDrive considers you made too many requests, it will limit your account and no more requests/uploads can be made for a while.
Because of that, OneDrive server no longer responds to Backup4all, so the backup is aborted after several retries.

I get a message in log: "database or disk is full"

You get this error message because the destination drive or the temporary drive (where the zip is created) is full.
Please free some disk space and try again.

I get a warning in log about IPC server

*Error: Invalid command line parameter or no imtStart messager received!
IPC warning: Unregister failed : Timeout waiting for a reply to imtUnregister 0*
Please follow these steps:
a. Make sure the bService.exe process of Backup4all is not blocked by your antivirus/firewall. Put it in the exceptions list and try again.
b. Check in “Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services” if the “Backup4all service” is started and running.

I cannot install/uninstall Backup4all

Try to uninstall the old version of Backup4all from Control Panel->Add/remove programs
If you still have the problem, please delete all registry entries for Backup4all and then try again.

I get a "Duplicate Object index" error in Backup4all

That message indicates there are 2 files with the same name in the same folder.
See if you have in backup sources a mapped Linux drive which could be causing the problem. We recommend you to start with a new backup job.

There are files not restored after I ran the restore

Please make sure you selected the “Restore excluded and deleted files” option in the Restore Wizard.

Backup4all is trying to backup and upload all files again

Please press the Test (F9) button to see the actual backup executions stored in catalog. If the previous backup execution was aborted, cancelled or interrupted, the catalog was not saved. So the previous backup does not count. It will be executed again, if not saved in catalog, even if some of the files were uploaded to destination.

Not all source files were backed up

Please check the following:
  1. Make sure there are no filters that might be incorrect configured, in Backup Properties->Filters/Customize. To verify that, disable the filters you made and calculate the statistics for the next backup.
  2. Uncheck the “Smart file scanning mode” option from Backup Properties->Advanced page. Again, you can calculate the statistics and see if the files are found to be backed up.
  3. If the source files are located on a shared network drive and the backup is scheduled, please make sure that enough permissions are granted to access the shared files even if no user is logged on.

Zip error: Not enough room to write archive

If you receive this error, please open Backup Properties->Compression. Set the split size at 1 GB and select the “Create independent splits” option, then run again the backup.
If you don’t want to split the backup, you need to select the “Always use temporary folder to create zip files” option from Backup Properties->Compression page.
Then go to File->Options->Application folders and select the location for the temporary folder on a drive with enough free disk space.

The cloud operation is not supported on a read-only volume

It seems there was an OneDrive update that activated the “Files On Demand” setting, without informing the user. That means the files you see in your OneDrive folder, are downloaded on your PC only when you request to open them. So, you were trying to backup files that weren’t on the hard disk.
Please uncheck the “Files on demand” option from your OneDrive settings.
In Backup Properties->Advanced page, also uncheck the "Backup open files" option, then run again the backup.

How to use a Gmail SMTP server account which is protected by 2 factor authentication

As the sending email notifications operation should be automatically, you need to follow these steps:
• Log-in into Gmail with your account
• Navigate to
• In 'select app' choose 'custom', give it an arbitrary name and press generate
• It will give you 16 chars token.
• Use the token as password in combination with your full Gmail account and two factor authentication will not be required.
Please see more details in this article:

How to send email notifications using the Yahoo! SMTP server

In Backup4all, go to File->Options->Email.
Select the “Enable email notifications” option, then enter the following configuration:
SMTP server:
Port: 465/587
Connection encryption: SSL/TLS
On Security section, select Server requires authentication and type your Yahoo! email and password.
Then you can send a test email.
If you get this error:
*Authentication failed
Failed to get response to login password
Failed to login using LOGIN method*
That means you need to open your Yahoo! account settings, go to Account security page and turn on Allow apps that use less secure sign in.
Then try again to send a test email.

I get "Page blob is not supported for this account type" message

Please note your selected Azure storage account type is not supported by Backup4all.
You need to login to your Azure account and change it from “Blob storage” to “General purpose”.

Could not create scheduled task. Access Denied

Please make sure you can manually create a scheduled task in Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Task Scheduler.
If you are not using an administrator account, see if you have the same problem when running Backup4all as administrator. (Right-click on Backup4all.exe -> Run as administrator)

Why do I get some strange file names in destination

Those are backups of the backup catalog in destination. Since version 8 of Backup4all, we also keep 5 backups of the catalog.
If you want to disable that, please go to Backup Properties->Advanced page and uncheck the Keep 5 catalog versions in destination option.

How to move the backup jobs to another user on the same computer

Follow these steps:
  • Login with the user which has the backup jobs configured.
    1. Open Backup4all.
    2. Go to File->Options->General. Select All users and press OK.
    3. Close Backup4all and logout.
    4. Login with the other user you want to move the jobs to.
    5. Open Backup4all, go to File->Options->General.
    6. Select Current user and press OK. All backup jobs will be retrieved to the current user account.