Backup4all is now used on NASA's International Space Station

Backup4all is now used on NASA's International Space Station

Using Backup4all - FAQ 9

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May 30, 2018

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Using Backup4all - FAQ 9

This section contains answers for frequent questions regarding the registration process of Backup4all.

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I get a message: "Revocation info for this certificate is not available". What should I do?

During the reactivation process, Backup4all is trying to access the activation server. This message appears when the certificate revocation server cannot be accessed to check the certificate.

In order to avoid that message, please open Internet Explorer -> Internet Options -> Security.
Uncheck the Check for publisher's certificate revocation option.

I cannot back up files from my Synology NAS drive

First, try to see if there are other connections from the same computer to the NAS drive. If yes, disconnect it, delete the SMB cache and restart it.

Try again to run the backup from Backup4all.


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