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Sources: SFTP


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Mar 22, 2022
Backup4all 9.x
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If you want to add backup sources from SFTP, press Define new button under Online section.
Then enter the connection details for the SFTP Server.

Host - In this field you have to enter the name or IP address for the SFTP server.

Port - In this field you have to enter the port number if different than the default SFTP ports (22).

Folder - Here you can enter the destination path if different than root.

User - If this is a private SFTP server (no anonymous access allowed) enter the user name for your account.

Password - In this field enter the password for the SFTP server.

Test - press this button to test the SFTP connection

Save - press this button to Save the new source you defined
The configurations defined can also be edit/deleted later if you right click the configuration entry in New Backup Wizard or in File->Options->Online connections.