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How to use independent zip splits in Backup4all?

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Sep 16, 2021
Backup4all 8.x, Backup4all 9.x
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When running a backup, Backup4all application will create the zip file locally and then it will upload the zip file in destination.

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How to create independent splits using Backup4all?

There are cases when large backups with zip compressions are performed. If the temp folder is not large enough, the backup will fill the drive and then it will abort.
In order to handle such a situation, you have two possibilities:
  1. You can move the temp folder to another drive with plenty of free disk space, from File->Options->Application folders. Open Backup Properties->Compression and select the "Always use temporary folder to create zip files" option. This way, the large zip file will be created on a partition where you have enough free disk space and the zip is not split.
  2. You can split the backup in smaller independent zip files from Backup Properties->Compression page. There you can set a split size (for example 4 GB) and make sure you select the "Create independent splits" option. Don't forget to also select the "Always use temporary folder to create zip files" option from the same page. This way, each split is created in temp and then it is uploaded to destination. Only after that it is deleted from temp folder and the next split is created.

How restore a backup created with independent splits?

If you restore the independent splits using Backup4all, they will be restored normally as any other backup.
If you chose to manually restore the independent splits, additional steps are necesarily.
Steps for restoring a split file from independent zip archives:
  1. Unzip the archives that were created by Backup4all. Assuming that the initial file was called music.wav, if the file was split in 2 parts the problem is that both will have the same name, music.wav. Thus, when un-zipping the archive that contains the second part of the original music.wav, you'll get a message that a file with the same name already exist - you need to press Rename and name it music2.wav. Also, to make things easier, you need to rename the first part of the split file to music1.wav. The files you have renamed, music1.wav and music2.wav, need to be combined so that you have the entire original file, music.wav.
  2. Open the Windows command prompt (Start -> Run, type cmd and press Enter). Using the command copy (write copy/? and press Enter to see the help for this function) write copy music1.wav /b + music2.wav /b music.wav (first two files are the sources, last file is the destination) and press Enter. Note that you have to be in the folder where the source files are in order for it to work.