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How to restore a backup from Google Cloud Storage

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Oct 04, 2023

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Google Cloud Storage is a scalable cloud-based service provided by Google that allows organizations to store and manage their data securely and cost-effectively.

What is Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is a service for storing your objects in Google Cloud.

How to restore a backup from Google Cloud Storage

If the backup job is not present in Backup4all, you need to load it first:
  1. Open File->Open from, then select Google Cloud Storage storage.
    Open Backup From Google Cloud Storage
  2. Configure the Google Cloud Storage account and press Show. Select the .bkc (backup catalog) file for missing backup job and click Open to load it into Backup4all
    Show .bkc files in Google Cloud Storage bucket
  3. Open Backup4all and select the backup job. Press Restore (F7) toolbar buttton to open Restore Wizard.
    Restore Google Cloud Storage backup
  4. Select the location to restore the files to. Original location is selected by default.
    • Choose to restore all files and press Finish
      Select folder where to restore Google Cloud Storage backup

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