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How to restore a backup job created with a Backup4all plugin

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Jul 24, 2019

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This article will show you how to restore, on a freshly installed Windows system, a backup job created using a Backup4all plugin. If you create a backup job based on a plugin, when you want to restore that backup you need to have the plugin installed.

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How to install a plugin

A backup plugin is used by Backup4all to determine exactly which files will be backed up and their locations. In the restore process, the particular plugin used for the backup must be installed in Backup4all too in order to be able to restore it. You can see the list of installed plugins in Backup4all if you go to File -> Tools menu and select Plugins.
If the plugin you created the backup job with is not installed anymore, follow these steps to install it:
  1. Download the plugin from our website.
  2. Open Backup4all and from the top menu select File -> Tools -> Plugins.
  3. Press "Load plugin" button.
  4. Browse to the location where the plugin was saved, select it and press Open. The backup plugin will be added to the plugins list and you can use it in Backup4all.

How to restore a backup job created with a plugin

You can create a backup job based on a plugin if you want to back-up a specific application or game. This way, if you reinstall your system or move to another computer, you can restore that application with the settings you had before the backup. These are the steps you need to follow to restore that backup job:
  1. If it's a fresh installation, you need to install Backup4all and also the application you want to restore the settings for.
  2. Add in Backup4all the backup plugin for the application you want restored (see section above if you don't know how to install a plugin).
  3. In the location where the backup is stored (backup destination), there should be a .bkc catalog file. You have to open that catalog file and Backup4all will automatically recognize it and will recreate the backup job.
  4. Press the Restore button and follow the wizard steps to complete the restore process (you can use advanced restore options, such as selecting another location for restore, if your application is now installed in a different folder).