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How to backup your data to OneDrive

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Sep 13, 2019
Backup4all Professional 6.x - 8.x
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OneDrive (previously SkyDrive, Windows Live SkyDrive, and Windows Live Folders) is a file hosting service offered by Microsoft, that allows users to store files and folders in the cloud. The files can be easily accessed later from any other computer connected to internet. There are two account types: OneDrive personal account and OneDrive business account which offers much more storage space. Backup4all supports both account types.

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How to set up a new OneDrive account

For a personal account, go to and press the Sign up button.
For a business account, go to
Follow the steps to create a new account. You will receive a confirmation link on the email address you provided. Click that link in order to activate the account.

How to backup to OneDrive

Steps to follow:
  • Open Backup4all and select File -> New (Ctrl+N).
    OneDrive - New Backup
  • In the Where do you want to save the backup? section, select OneDrive as backup destination.
    OneDrive - Backup Destination
  • Select the account type you want to use: Personal or Business and press Choose account. A new window will appear prompting you to log-in. You will have to grant Backup4all the permission to access your files in order to back-up your data to OneDrive. Press Yes and close the confirmation window.
    OneDrive Permissions
  • On the What do you want to backup page, add the backup sources. Press Next.
    OneDrive - Backup Sources
  • On the Filter the backup sources page, you can set include/exclude filters for backup sources. Then press Next.
  • On the How do you want to backup page, you can choose the backup type and the encryption.
    OneDrive - Backup Type
  • On the When do you want to backup page, you can set the backup job to automatically run on the specified time and days. Press Next.
    OneDrive - Schedule Backup
  • On the Personalize your backup job page, enter a name for the backup in the Backup name field.
    OneDrive - Name the Backup
  • Press Save and run to execute the backup job.

How to restore from OneDrive

Steps to follow:
  • If the backup job is still defined and exists in Backup4all, simply right click it and select Restore. The Restore Wizard will then guide you through the restore process. If the backup job does not exist in Backup4all anymore but the files are still in OneDrive, you must first open it by using the File -> Open from menu.
  • Click on OneDrive and then on Configure OneDrive (if a configuration isn't already defined). You'll need to connect to your OneDrive account (where the backup job you want restored resides).
    OneDrive - Open From
  • After the OneDrive account was set up, press Show to display the backup jobs that are stored in OneDrive. Select the catalog you want to open and press Open. Backup4all will recreate that backup job locally.
  • Now that the backup job is recreated, you can right-click the backup job and select Restore. The Restore Wizard will start and after you've selected the type of restore you want just press Finish to start the actual restore process.
    OneDrive - Restore