Torrent Swapper Plugin

Torrent Swapper backup plugin only works with Backup4all. If you don't have it yet, you must download it first.


If you already have Backup4all, you can add the Torrent Swapper backup plugin below.

Download plugin as XML file

Torrent Swapper - Backup Plugin

A free P2P file sharing program that has social networking features, a different type of navigation (based on tags) and real-time streaming. This plugin will back-up Torrent Swapper settings.

Raw Plugin (XML) Code: Torrent-Swapper.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<b4asource version="1.0">
  <!--Program unique ID (GUID)-->
  <!--Program name-->
  <name>Torrent Swapper</name>
  <!--Executable file path-->
  <exepath type="0"/>
  <!--Minimum and maximum versions for which the backup was tested-->
  <!--Information about the plugin author-->
  <!--Variables used in the XML file-->
    <!--If type="reg" then the value will be read from the registry-->
  <!--The backup sources-->
    <source name="Settings" type="folder">
      <folder>%appdata%\.Torrent Swapper</folder>


Full backup
07 December 2018
USB backup
18 January 2019
Mirror backup
12 October 2018