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Mar 22, 2022
Backup4all 9.x
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There are three editions available: Lite, Standard and Professional.
Backup4all Lite edition implements the basic functionalities of a backup application:
  • Easy file and folder selection
  • File filtering - powerful filtering engine with lots of options (filter by attribute, size, date, name and type)
  • Multiple backup job configurations
  • Intuitive interface - explorer-like, lets you see all files from the backup and new files that will be stored at the next backup execution
  • Backup open files (files in use) - uses the Volume Shadow Copy service that allows you to back up local open files from NTFS partitions in Windows XP/2003 Server
  • Predefined backups (My Documents, My Pictures, IE Favorites, Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Vista Mail, Backup4all Configurations)
  • Backup summary/statistics
  • Backup plugins - possibility to import plugins as Predefined Backups
  • Mirror backup with individual file compression and encryption
  • Mirror backup that copies NTFS permissions and alternate streams
  • Backup and test operations can be paused/resumed/stopped
  • Automatic updates
  • Back-up empty folders
  • "Getting Started" window with shortcuts to main operations
  • Possibility to set memory usage for backing up
  • MSI setup for automatic deployment
  • Standard encryption (Zip2 compatible)
  • Command line version
  • Schedule backups (using Windows scheduler)
Backup4all Standard edition has all the features of Backup4all Lite plus:
  • Full backup - starting point for all other backups, and contains all the data in the folders and files that are selected to be backed up
  • Differential backup - contains all files that have changed since the last full backup
  • Backup directly to CD, DVD and Blu-ray - Backup4all has its own built-in CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning support
  • Version tracking - you can selectively restore any previous version of a backed up file directly from the main window
  • Creates standard zip files that can be opened with any zip utility
  • Zip64 support (can create zip files over 4GB)
  • Disk spanning - automated support for splitting your backup between many removable disks or even on the same media
  • Backup on-demand - you can configure Backup4all to execute a backup job or a backup tag when a button from an USB enclosure is pressed
  • Sound notification - play custom success/warning/error sounds at the end of the backup
  • Run action before/after backup
  • Create shortcut for backup job/tag
  • Cleanup operation (wich supports pause/stop)
  • History window for Backup/Restore/Test/Cleanup operations
  • Search as-you-type for backup jobs/tags in backup list
  • Use sources from network destinations or mapped network drives
  • Scheduled backups (using internal scheduler) - easily setup a powerful scheduler using the available scheduler configurations to make unattended backups
  • Create and use predefined filters
  • Option to lock program interface
  • Backup View that shows the backup versions for each included file
Backup4all Professional edition has all the features of Backup4all Standard, plus:
  • Incremental backup - stores all files that have changed since the last full, differential or incremental backup
  • Backup to FTP and SFTP - backup your files to remote locations using the FTP and SFTP service (with SSL support, active/passive transfer modes, firewall support)
  • Test FTP backups using XCRC (is supported by server) - this speeds up the testing as Backup4all will verify the backup based on the CRC information received from server
  • Backup to Google Drive, One Drive, Box and DropBox
  • Block backup
  • Email notifications - you can configure Backup4all to send custom emails after a finished backup with success, error, warning notifications
  • Run backup at system shutdown
  • AES encryption - supports 128-bit, 192-bit and 256-bit AES encryption
  • Delete empty directories after backup
See Feature Matrix for a more detailed comparison between Lite, Standard and Professional editions.