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Options: Preferences


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Mar 22, 2022
Backup4all 9.x
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The Preferences page of the Options window (accessible from the File, Options menu item) contains settings related to the display of the Toolbar menu.



Minimize the Ribbon
If checked, the ribbon menu will be minimized. By default it is not checked.

Customize Quick Access Toolbar
If pressed, the Quick Access Toolbar Customizer will open and you can add/remove buttons in the Quick Access Toolbar.


Default view
The selected view will be assigned as default to the Views button from the application toolbar.
The possible views are: Explore, Backup and Statistics.

Show explorer icons
If checked a small icon is shown for each file in the Explore view. The icon is the standard icon associated with the type of the file. You will see the same icons as in File Explorer. If the Explore view contains a large number of files, you can uncheck this option to show files faster. By default this option is checked.

Hide empty folders on expand all
If checked the folders that do not show any file in the Explore view will be automatically hidden when pressing the Expand All button. By default this option is not checked.

Show context menu in Explore View
If checked it will display the context menu when right clicking on a file or folder in the main window's Explore view or the Sources page of the Backup Properties and New Backup Wizard windows. By default this option is checked.

Measurement unit

If checked the file sizes are shown like in File Explorer. By default this option is checked.

If checked you can see all file sizes in the same unit. You can set the desired unit from the drop down list. Possible choices are: Bytes, KB (kilobytes), MB (megabytes) or GB (gigabytes). Be advised that if you select GB as a unit, for files under 10MB the size will be shown as 0GB. By default this option is not checked.

External program


Difference viewer : Choose an application to compare the selected file version with the source file in Explore View. You can also use parameters for difference viewer application.


Warn when insecure passwords are used
If checked Backup4all will display a warning window when you enter passwords for zip encryption that contain less than 8 characters.

Show hidden files in open dialogs
If checked files marked as hidden will be displayed in Open dialogs. This is very useful if you want to add hidden files to your backup sources. By default this option is checked.

Use New Backup Wizard to create backup jobs
If checked, when pressing the File->New Backup button, the New Backup Wizard will be open.
If unchecked, the Backup Properties will be used to create the new job.
Use old sources selection mode
Enable this option to use in New Backup Wizard the old selection mode for sources. By default it is unchecked.
Add backup actions in File Explorer context menu
If selected, the backup options (add to job, add to new job) will appear in Explorer context menu of Windows, when you right-click a file/folder. When changing this option you will be prompted by the UAC to confirm the modification.
Sort jobs/tags alphabetically in Navigation Pane
Select this option if you want to sort jobs/tags alphabetically in Navigation Pane.
Show "New features" message
Select this option if you want to be informed by a message about the new features in Backup4all.
Check task scheduler folder rights at startup
If selected, the task scheduler folder permissions will be verified at Backup4all startup. If the necessarily permissions are not assigned for the current user, Backup4all will try to set the correct permissions.