BearFlix backup plugin only works with Backup4all.

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If you already have Backup4all, you can add the BearFlix backup plugin below.

Download plugin as XML file
BearFlix (now called Bearshare) is a P2P video file sharing program. The plugin will let you add BearFlix related information (logs, db, ini file, history, playlists and temp files) as backup sources so you can back-up the application.

Raw Plugin (XML) Code: BearFlix.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<b4asource version="1.0">
  <!--Program unique ID (GUID)-->
  <!--Program name-->
  <!--Executable file path-->
  <exepath type="0"/>
  <!--Minimum and maximum versions for which the backup was tested-->
  <!--Information about the plugin author-->
  <!--Variables used in the XML file-->
    <!--If type="reg" then the value will be read from the registry-->
    <variable name="path" type="reg">HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BearFlix\InstallDir</variable>
  <!--The backup sources-->
    <source name="Logs" type="folder">
    <source name="DB" type="folder">
    <source name="Temp" type="folder">
    <source name="Playlists" type="folder">
    <source name="Files" type="virtual folder">
      <source name="Ini file" type="folder">
      <source name="History" type="folder">