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HDD enclosures Backup4all is compatible with

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Jul 11, 2019

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Some HDD enclosures have a button that allows starting the execution of an associated program. If you have such a device, Backup4all might be configured to run a certain backup job when that button is pressed.
Backup4all is fully compatible with all the One Touch Backup HDD enclosures produced by A-TEC Subsystem from Taiwan. These devices are natively recognized and work with Backup4all without external configuration.
Another reported device which works with Backup4all is Maxtor OneTouch. This device is not natively supported thus requires additional configuration. Maxtor OneTouch comes with a special software (Maxtor OneTouch Manager) that can be configured to run a backup job in Backup4all when the button is pressed.
If you have a different OTB HDD enclosure, you might be able to configure Backup4all to run a backup job when the button is pressed. If the OTB HDD enclosure contains software from the manufacturer of the device that allows configuring the actions to execute when the button is pressed, you might be able to configure Backup4all to run on pressing the button.
There are 2 possibilities to run a backup job (or group) from Backup4all when the OTB button is pressed:
  • In Backup4all, open File -> Options (in Backup4all 4, open Tools -> Options) and go to the Backup page.
    Under "Backup on demand" section, check the Enable "One Touch Backup" support option and select a backup job or backup tag to be executed when the button is pressed.
  • Configure the software that was included with your OTB HDD enclosure to run the following command when the button is pressed:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Softland\Backup4all 8\bBackup.exe" /r "backup name"
where "*backup name*" is the name of the backup job you want to be run.
See the help file of Backup4all for more information about how to run a backup job using the command line parameters. ( File -> Help -> Backup4all Help)