How to configure a new backup?

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Jul 18, 2018

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How to configure a new backup?

To create a new backup job, click on the New Backup Wizard toolbar button. For each backup job you must specify at least its name, a valid storage destination and the source files (first two steps of this wizard), the rest of the options not being mandatory. In New Backup Wizard, you can switch anytime to Advanced mode for more configuration options.

These are the steps you must perform in the New Backup Wizard:

1) Enter the name of the backup in the Backup name field and select a location where you want to save the backup. Click Next to go to the following step. You can choose as destination:

  • your local hard drive (Local)
  • a network computer (LAN)
  • an FTP location (FTP)
  • an SFTP location (SFTP)

How to configure a new backup

2) Select the files and folders you want to backup (sources of the backup) or choose a predefined backup from the drop down list and click Next.

How to configure a new backup

3) Select how do you want to backup. By default, the Make incremental option is selected. You can also use encryption for the backup types that creates zip files.

How to configure a new backup

4) Choose when do you want to backup: how often, what day and what hour. Schedule the backup job for unattended backup executions.

How to configure a new backup

Backup4all provides extended information about the backup, which can be consulted before the backup execution. You can switch between views by selecting one of the available views from the drop down list:

  • Brief - shows basic information about the backup job and the buttons for backup and restore
  • Explore - shows the source files and folders for the backup job
  • Backup - shows the list of backup executions with the sources status before each execution
  • Statistics - shows statistics about the latest backup and the next backup job
  • Summary - shows configuration information about the backup

The wizard creates an ".ini" file in the IniFiles folder (usually in C:\\Documents and Settings\\<user>\\Application Data\\Softland\\Backup4all X\\) with the same name as the backup job. In addition, a backup catalog file (".bkc") is created both in the destination and locally in the BkcFiles folder (same directory where the IniFiles folder is created).

Manually modifying ".bkc" or ".ini" files may result in corrupted backup jobs and the impossibility of restoring the data you backed up. A backup job is automatically created when double clicking on a ".bkc" file. You can also recreate the backup job by opening a ".bkc" or ".ini" file from the File -> Open Backup menu.

Once the backup job is created, it will be displayed on the left side of the application's main window. On the right, you will see the content of the backup job (files and folders), depending on the chosen view (brief, explore, backup, statistics or summary).


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