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Mar 22, 2022
Backup4all 9.x
We strive to keep our help as accurate as possible. If you notice any inconsistencies or outdated info please let us know.
The History window can be open from the left side column by pressing the History button.

In History window you can see all logs for the backup, restore, test, test and cleanup actions.
The logs can be filtered by job/tag name, action type, status (success, warning or error) and date.
Double click or right-click on a log to open it.
You can customize the History window if you right-click on the header and check another columns.
The available columns are:
  • Name - shows the name of the backup job/tag. It cannot be unchecked
  • Type - shows the type of the backup: job or tag
  • Default Backup Type - shows the default backup type for each backup job
  • Action Type - shows what action was performed: backup, restore, test or cleanup
  • Action Backup Type - shows what type of backup was performed: full, differential, incremental or mirror
  • Forced - shows if the backup type was forced or it was the default one
  • Application - shows if the main application or command line was used to run that backup
  • Start Date - shows the backup start date
  • End Date - shows the backup end date
  • Duration - shows the backup duration
  • Status - shows the backup status: success, warning or error
  • Files - shows the number of files backed up
  • Folders - shows the number of folders backed up
  • Size Uncomp - shows the uncompressed backup size
  • Size Comp - shows the compressed backup size
  • Log Path - shows the path of the log file
The logs can be grouped by each of the available columns. Just drag one or more column headers on the top of the columns to group the logs by that column.
In the top menu there is the Export button which can be used to e xport all columns.
Selecting one of these two options, will open the Save as window where you can type a name and select the path for the file.
The history will be exported into a CSV file format.