Read the instructions below carefully before requesting a reset.

Moving your Backup4all license permanently to a new computer.

If you still have access to the old computer:

  1. Go to the old computer, open Backup4all and use the Deactivate command from the File\Licensing menu.
  2. Uninstall Backup4all from the old computer
  3. Go to the new computer, open Backup4all and Activate from the File\Licensing menu.

You don't have to contact us. Everything should work automatically if you followed the above steps.

If you no longer have access to the old computer:

  1. If the old computer crashed, it was stolen, you no longer have access to it then fill in the Reset Activations form below.
  2. We will study your activation history and grant or deny the request based on it.

Do not use this feature to move licenses between computers. If we observe this, we will deactivate your key.

Installing Backup4all on the same computer.

  1. If you just reinstalled your computer (after a system crash) chances are that your license key will be accepted (because you are activating on the same hardware).
  2. If you just reinstalled as a result of hardware failure your license key might be accepted if most of the computer components were kept.

In these cases just go ahead with the activation. If the activation is denied, then use the Reset Activations form below.

You should have a license for each computer, you are not allowed to use Backup4all on more computers than the number of licenses you purchased.