Supported languages

Backup4all has its interface translated in several languages. This will help you use Backup4all as efficiently as possible especially if English is not your native language.

There's no need to download a language pack or an add-on as all the languages are included in the setup from the Download page. Once installed, to switch the interface to a different language simply open Backup4all and go to Tools->Options->General to select it from the Languages section.

Language Status Credits
English English [default] -
Arabic Arabic Incomplete Awadh Al Ghaamdy | Mohamad Fath
Bulgarian Bulgarian Incomplete Vladislav Naydenov
Chinese Simplified Chinese Simplified Complete Clarence 2u
Chinese Traditional Chinese Traditional Complete Jerry Chao
Czech Czech Incomplete Blanka Spacilova | Krystof Slaby
Danish Danish Incomplete Liset Jill Nyland, E. Viuff
Dutch Dutch Complete Jean-Paul van Haastert
Estonian Estonian Incomplete Andres
Finnish Finnish Incomplete Riikka Lappalainen
French French Complete NeoTraduction | Français Colok
German German Complete -
Greek Greek Incomplete Christiana Tziortziou
Hebrew Hebrew Incomplete [translator needed]
Hungarian Hungarian Incomplete Attila Asztalos
Indonesian Indonesian Complete Anthonious Tony
Italian Italian Complete Andrea Treggia (
Japanese Japanese Complete -
Korean Korean Incomplete [translator needed]
Malay Malay Complete Ah Sze Ong
Norwegian Norwegian Incomplete Halvard Karlsen
Polish Polish Incomplete Mariusz P. Stepien | Robert Zawadzki
Brazilian Portuguese - Brazil Complete Claudio
Portuguese Portuguese - Portugal Complete Cristiana Mesquita
Romanian Romanian Complete Mihut Adrian
Russian Russian Incomplete Vladimir Galushko
Serbian Serbian Incomplete Ozii
Slovak Slovak Incomplete Branislav Brtko
Slovenian Slovenian Complete Nejc Ribič
Spanish Spanish Complete Miguel Segura
Swedish Swedish Complete Gloria Bezrukov
Turkish Turkish Incomplete Zafer Kandemir

If you are interested in helping us translate Backup4all in a language that's not yet available or incomplete, send an email to and we will contact you.