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Backup4all comes in three editions: Professional, Standard and Lite. For more information about the differences between each edition see the feature matrix. You need one license per computer.

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Backup4all Professional 6

Main Features: Cloud backups, FTP/SFTP, AES encryption, true incremental backups,...
Price: $59.99 $49.99

Total: $49.99

Backup4all Standard 6

Main Features: Full/differential backups, email notifications, interface locking,...
Price: $39.99

Total: $39.99

Backup4all Lite 6

Main Features: Backup to External/Network drives, schedulers, mirror backups,...
Price: $19.99

Total: $19.99
Version to be installed on portable USB or Firewire devices

Backup4all Portable 6

Can be installed only on USB/Firewire devices, but cannot schedule backups.
Price: $59.99

Total: $59.99

Purchasing a license requires a one-time payment (no subscription fees). A license grants you free priority support and free minor updates (i.e. from version 6.x to 6.9).

*Prices are in United States Dollars ($).