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Configuring a backup to run automatically when the USB drive is plugged in

The following article applies to version 4.x of Backup4all. This article shows how to configure the Portable edition of Backup4all installed on a flash drive, to run a specific backup job or backup group when you plug in the flash drive. Backup4all can be configured to run a specific job/group when the flash drive is plugged in.

How to use the Scheduler

This article explains how to schedule backup jobs in Backup4all. A scheduler can be set for a backup to be executed automatically at certain time intervals (daily, weekly, monthly) or at system startup, logon, when idle or shutdown.

How to upgrade from FBackup to Backup4all

If you used FBackup and you upgraded to Backup4all, this article explains how you can import the backup jobs (and schedulers) in Backup4all.

How to schedule a backup job

You can schedule a backup either from the Backup Properties window or from the Schedulers window. The difference between the two methods is that the first displays the scheduled tasks only for the selected backup job, while the second will show you the scheduled tasks for all the backup jobs and groups.

Using Backup4all - FAQ 7

This section contains answers for frequent questions regarding the registration process of Backup4all.

How to use "Backup on demand" feature in Backup4all

The Backup on demand page of the Options window (accessible from the Tools, Options menu item) contains settings for the one touch button of some USB/FireWire devices.

How to move a backup from a failing hard drive to a new one

When backing up using Backup4all, if the destination drive crashes, you can move the backups in destination to another hard drive, then continue the backups to the new hard drive.

How to create a differential backup

This article shows how to create a differential backup of the given sources to a specified destination using Backup4all. The current method can be extended to other sources and destinations supported by Backup4all.

How to create a continuous backup

A continuous backup is a backup that will run every hour all day long, every day of the week without the user intervention. This can be done in Backup4all if we set a scheduled task to run daily and repeat the task every 1 hour for 23 hours a day. As a protection measure for the disk space used, we recommend the Smart backup type which will automatically delete older versions of the backup in order to fit in destination.

How to import backup jobs?

The Import window can be opened from the File menu. Depending on your previous Backup4all version, you can select one of these two options: Import from version 2..., Import from version 3... or Import from version 4... The Import from version 3 option also appear when you run for the first time a newly installed Backup4all major version on a computer where a previous major version of Backup4all is installed. If you select this option and no previous major versions were installed, you'll be informed that there are no backup jobs to import.

How to backup your data to Aruba Cloud

Aruba S.p.A., founded in 1994 in Arezzo, is a leader in domain hosting and domain registrations in Italy and Eastern Europe, with over 2 million customers and partners which allow the group to be positioned as one of the top-five hosting companies in Europe and top-ten companies worldwide.

Explanation of the backup job icons

This article will explain all the backup job icons that could appear for running, warnings or errors. The backup job icons will help you to easily recognize a specific backup job or to see which jobs have warnings or errors and try to fix the problems.

How to create a new backup job

This article will show you how to create a new backup job using Backup4all. The backup sources can be located in various places and the backup destination be a local hard drive, a network place, FTP server or SFTP server.

How to create an automated backup?

An automated backup is a scheduled backup configured to run daily, weekly, monthly or with a custom frequency set by the user. The backup does not need to be performed manually because the application will start and execute the backup at its scheduled time.

How to configure the scheduler to run missed backups

If your computer was turned off during the backup time, the scheduled backups won't run. In this case, a solution is to configure the scheduler to start the backup as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed. Please note this article applies only to Windows Vista, Windows 7 or newer.

How to configure backups to run sequentially

This article explains how to configure backup jobs to run sequentially. A backup job (a tag or group of jobs) can be configured to run right after another backup job is finished.

Using Backup4all - FAQ 6

This section contains answers for frequent questions regarding the registration process of Backup4all.

How to customize email notifications

Backup4all Professional edition has the email notification feature, which allows you to send emails after each action (backup/test/cleanup) executed on a backup job.

How to backup only to a specific removable/external drive

If you want to use only one drive for backups and the others for different projects, you need to make sure the backup won’t be executed on the wrong hard drive connected at that time.