Backup4all 3.4 was released

This new release introduces several fixes and enhancements, such as:

  • Improved FTP engine (more stable)
  • Improved email engine
  • Customizable timeout for FTP connections
  • Upload/download transfer limit for FTP backups
  • Password protect log file in notification emails
  • Mirror back up to FTP supports resuming
  • tag for email templates
  • Back up Backup4all configurations (added as predefined backup)
  • Improved logging
  • Export statistics to CSV
  • Bug fixes: statistics counted sizes of excluded files too, access violation at shutdown, access violation when deleting a backup job, backup jobs were executed at shutdown even if the scheduler was disabled, fixes for predefined backups, backup to LAN and mapped drive (with user and password) fixes

Download the latest version from here: Backup4all 3.4

NEW: Backup4All 7.4.475