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How to backup Yahoo! emails

This article explains how to backup the emails stored online in your Yahoo! account, even if you are not an Yahoo Mail Plus subscriber (that gives offline access with POP for your emails).

How to configure a new backup?

To create a new backup job, click on the New Backup Wizard toolbar button. For each backup job you must specify at least its name, a valid storage destination and the source files (first two steps of this wizard), the rest of the options not being mandatory. In New Backup Wizard, you can switch anytime to Advanced mode for more configuration options.

How to configure the email notifications

Send Email notifications is a very useful feature that enables Backup4all to send an email with information about the status of the performed backup job upon its completion.

How to use and configure the Startup feature in Backup4all

The Startup page of the Options window (accessible from the Tools, Options menu item) contains startup related settings of the program.

How to configure logs and history

On the Logs and history page of the Options window (accessible from the Tools, Options menu item) you can change log and history options.