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Backup to Blu-ray

This article explains how to back up to Blu-ray using Backup4all and the advantages it offers.

Restore data after a hard drive crash

This article explains how to restore files and folders from a backup after a hard drive crash. Backup4all creates standard zip files thus to restore data from a backup it is not necessary to use it, you can use other compatible zip programs.

How to erase a CD/DVD/Blu-ray with Backup4all

This article shows you how to erase the CD/DVD/Blu-ray using Backup4all. The Erase CD/DVD/Blu-ray window can be opened from the File->Tools->Erase Disc menu item.

Packet writing software

This article applies to previous versions of Backup4all. It does not apply to version 5. If you do not wish to use the built-in burner of Backup4all or your CD/DVD device is not compatible with Backup4all, you can use third party packet writing software. Packet writing software can write only to CD-RW, DVD-RW or DVD+RW if the disks are formatted using the Universal Data Format (UDF) file system.

DVD formats supported by Backup4all

Backup4all does not need third party drivers or other burning software installed to be able to write a backup to DVD because it has its own built-in DVD burners to backup directly to DVD. Furthermore, Backup4all can back up to most CD and DVD formats, including the new Blu-ray and HD-DVD (discontinued) discs.