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Configuring a backup to run automatically when the USB drive is plugged in

The following article applies to version 4.x of Backup4all. This article shows how to configure the Portable edition of Backup4all installed on a flash drive, to run a specific backup job or backup group when you plug in the flash drive. Backup4all can be configured to run a specific job/group when the flash drive is plugged in.

What are Backup operators?

A backup operator is an user that can back up and restore the computer regardless of file system security. A member of the Backup Operators group can extract files and directories for which the user would normally not have access.

How to use the Scheduler

This article explains how to schedule backup jobs in Backup4all. A scheduler can be set for a backup to be executed automatically at certain time intervals (daily, weekly, monthly) or at system startup, logon, when idle or shutdown.

How to change the backup job name, group or icon

This article will show you how to change the backup job's name, group or icon. All these 3 items can be changed from the same location if you open Backup Properties (Ctrl+P) and go to General page. The General page defines the appearance of the backup job in the backup list.

How to schedule all groups?

This article describes how to schedule all groups. You can use the option which was created for that in Scheduler Properties.