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How to backup your data to Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is an enterprise level service which is part of Google Cloud Platform. Google Storage uses Object storing and is fully compatible with the other services found on the same platform.

How to backup your data to GreenQloud

GreenQloud is an Icelandic cloud-computing company that uses green renewable energy to power their data centers. It offers private cloud services for enterprises and service providers.

How to backup your data to Hitachi

The Hitachi Vantara company is providing various services in the fields of Big Data, business analytics, the Internet of Things. They have recently also decided to assert themselves as a cloud storage vendor.

How to backup your data to HostEurope

Host Europe Group provides web hosting services as well as virtual server options. The company also acts as a domain registrar. Offers vary from inexpensive packages, suitable for blogs and online testing, to relatively powerful enterprise-level virtual servers.

How to backup your data to IDC Frontier

IDC Frontier is one of the leading Japanese IT service providers. They cover big data, cloud, consultation, IP services and more. IDC Frontier operates a high-performance network that can support an enormous number of independent users.

How to backup your data to Connectria

Connectria is an award-winning web hosting company. Since they began providing a sophisticated storage environment for Deutsche Bank in 1998, they have expanded to offer a large selection of services. Present in over thirty countries, Connectria's ethos is "No Jerks Allowed," through which they assure the highest degree of customer service and support.

How to backup your data to Constant

Constant Hosting is functioning on the market since 1996. Its New Jersey facility is equipped with high security and maintenance systems as well as being staffed 24/7 with multi-specialized technicians.

How to backup your data to DDN

DataDirect Networks (DDN) provides cloud storage solutions for big data and unstructured data. Founded in 1988 through a merger, they later developed "DDN Federal," which formalizes collaboration between it, the US Government, and Intelligence agencies. In 2013 DDN provided the storage system for the Cray Titan super-computer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

How to backup your data to dinCloud

dinCloud is a Cloud dinClouds Provider. By using their infrastructure, you can purchase customized virtual workspaces running Windows or Linux. They cater to an extensive range of businesses and pride themselves for implementing the highest degree of digital security.

How to backup your data to dreamObjects

DreamObjects is an inexpensive object storage dreamObjects offered by DreamHost. It caters to small businesses and private individuals.

How to backup your data to Dunkel

The German company Dunkel have been developing their technologies for over twenty years. Today they are an established managed cloud server provider, using a modern cloud infrastructure in two data centers.

How to backup your data to Exoscale

Exoscale is a Swiss based cloud computing company. it ofers affordable high performance SSD cloud servers and multi-redundancy object storage.

How to backup your data to Akaza

Akaza is the national cloud platform of Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT). The premier ICT solutions provider launched the country’s National Cloud, “AKAZA”, raising the bar in cloud computing in Sri Lanka.

How to backup your data to Aruba Cloud

Aruba S.p.A., founded in 1994 in Arezzo, is a leader in domain hosting and domain registrations in Italy and Eastern Europe, with over 2 million customers and partners which allow the group to be positioned as one of the top-five hosting companies in Europe and top-ten companies worldwide.

How to backup your data to Caringo Swarm

Caringo Inc. was founded in 2005 and specializes in storage solutions using an object type file system. Their Hybrid Cloud Object Storage stands out for being highly scalable with elastic content protection.

How to backup your data to CenturyLink

CenturyLink is third largest telecommunications company in America. Besides communications and Internet access, the CenturyLink Cloud service caters to small and big businesses alike.

How to backup your data to Cloudian

Cloudian offers enterprise-level data storage services. Since its launch in 2011, the company managed to attract influential investors, including Intel and Goldman Sachs. Cloudian HyperStore was introduced to Amazon Web Services in 2016. A partnership with Lenovo was also announced in the same year.

How to backup your data with SwiftStack

SwiftStack is an object storage software company. Once deployed on a storage server, their software is used to manage your data with high standards.

How to backup your data to HGST

HGST is a producer of storage hardware held by the parent company, Western Digital. The Wikipedia page on HGST states that they also offer external storage services, although the reference seems to be linking towards a nonresponsive domain.

How to backup your data to Eucalyptus/Walrus

Walrus is a component of Eucalyptus, which is a paid open-source software for building cloud computing environments. Eucalyptus environments are compatible with Amazon Web Services.