How to create an incremental backup

This article shows how to create an incremental backup of the given sources to a specified destination using Backup4all. The current method can be extended to other sources and destinations supported by Backup4all. The incremental backup type performs a full back up on the first execution, then increments will be executed, including only new and modified files. It will create in destination a different zip file with the backup sources from each source drive.

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How to configure the backup job

  1. Open Backup4all
  2. Press New button to open the New Backup Wizard. Type a name for the backup job and select the backup destination. Then press Next
    • incremental1

3. On this page you can add the backup sources by pressing the Add folder and Add files buttons. When ready, press Next

    • incremental2

4. On this page, you can select the backup type. In this example we will use the Incremental backup type. Press Save->Save.

    • incremental3

5. In Explore View (F2) of Backup4all, we can see the backup sources.

    • incremental4

Backup execution examples

We will perform several backup executions to see what we get in destination.

  1. As we have sources from D drive, after the first backup execution, we get in destination a zip file
    • incremental5

2. For the second backup execution we will add a new folder called “02” in backup sources on D: drive.

    • incremental6

3. After the 2nd backup execution we get in destination: which is the second backup version, containing only folder “02”.

    • incremental7

4. For the third backup execution we will change an existing source file on D: drive.

    • incremental8

5. After the 3rd backup execution we get in destination: which is the third backup version, containing the modified file from D: drive.

    • incremental9

Applies to:

Backup4all 5.x, 6.x


NEW: Backup4All 7.4.479