Backup products

There are 3 editions for Backup4all: Professional, Standard and Lite. Backup4all Professional is the fully featured edition, while Standard and Lite have fewer features enabled. Backup4all Portable is a portable version of Backup4all that can be installed only on USB flash drives.

If you're not decided which product suits you best, visit the Compare Products page to see a side-by-side comparison.


Backup4all Professional

The Professional edition of Backup4all has all the features enabled and allows you to backup to various destinations such as in the Cloud (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Azure, BOX, Hidrive, Hubic and 37+ Amazon S3 Compatible destinations), via Network, Local (CD/DVD/Blu-ray, USB/Firewire, External Disks) or Remote (FTP, SFTP). Compared to the Standard or Lite edition, Backup4all Professional offers advanced features such as AES encryption, email notifications, incremental backup type (with block-backup) and more.


Backup4all Standard

Backup4all Standard has all the features of Backup4all Lite and also includes the following extra features: creates full/differential backups, can back-up to DVD/Blu-ray, allows adding automatic schedulers, create and use predefined filters, option to lock program interface, has a Backup View and possibility to run actions before/after the backup. Compared to the Professional edition, Backup4all Standard lacks the incremental backup type, backing up to FTP/SFTP, Cloud backups and AES encryption.


Backup4all Lite

Backup4all Lite is the edition that offers basic backup features. It's recommended for home users that don't need the advanced features of Standard or Professional, and just need to run manually a mirror backup. While it supports as backup destinations external/removable drives and network destinations, it lacks support for FTP, DVD/Blu-ray and supports only mirror backups.


Backup4all Portable

Backup4all Portable is the only edition of Backup4all that can be installed on a USB flash drive and used only from it. This ensures portability because the USB flash drive can be plugged-in other computers and back them up. A unique features it has over the other editions is Plug'n'Backup, which basically means that whenever you insert the USB stick that has it installed in a computer, it will start backing up what you defined to.

As a limitation, due to its portability it doesn't support scheduled backups, MSI deployment, command line usage and can be installed and use only on removable USB flash drives.