Version History

Below you can read a detailed version history for Backup4all Portable (starting with version 4.0). Be sure to check our blog at too as we post in there details regarding the new versions.

Changes in Backup4all 7.4.479 (29-October-2018)
  • Fix: Restore backups from cloud destinations
  • Fix: Small language corrections
  • Fix: News section changes
Changes in Backup4all 7.4.475 (16-October-2018)
  • Fix: Retry copying backup catalogs to the destination
  • Fix: Small language corrections in Russian and French
  • Fix: Access violation error when saving column order
  • Fix: Free space detection for smart backups
Changes in Backup4all 7.4.461 (18-September-2018)
  • Fix: Empty News tab was visible in the Navigation options dialog
  • Fix: Incremental was visible in right-click menu for all editions
Changes in Backup4all 7.4.457 (10-September-2018)
  • New: Backup Plugin for Microsoft Edge Favorites
  • New: Added Russian language for the user interface
  • Update: Improved the Romanian translation
  • Update: Minor interface tweaks
Changes in Backup4all 7.3.403 (23-July-2018)
  • New: "Backup view is filtered!" notice and clear filter option
  • Update: Updated the Bulgarian language
  • Update: Updated the Japanese language
  • Fix: Corrected translations for activation screen
Changes in Backup4all 7.3.390 (06-June-2018)
  • Fix: Installation error logs are sent only when the user chooses to do so
Changes in Backup4all 7.3.373 (17-May-2018)
  • New: General Data Protection Regulation compliance changes
  • Update: Check boxes displayed during setup are now more visible on Windows with no theme
  • Update: Minor GUI improvements
  • Fix: Control tab in Main window had hidden buttons
  • Fix: Custom filters errors in certain situations
  • Fix: Help button from File menu did not work
  • Fix: Rotate disks on external disk option was not saving state
  • Fix: Backup Properties displayed a warning message for some configurations
  • Fix: Always add command line details in the bug reporting log
Changes in Backup4all 7.2.349 (19-April-2018)
  • Fix: Backup stopped with error "[DriveLetter] is not a valid integer value" in some situations
  • Fix: Empty folders were not backed up if no file was included in backup
Changes in Backup4all 7.2.345 (12-April-2018)
  • New: Added German language
  • New: Added Dutch translation
  • New: Added Portuguese (Brazil) language
  • New: Added Korean translation
  • New: Added Romanian language
  • Update: CD/DVD burning engine was updated
  • Update: New version for Plugin Creator
  • Fix: No mapping for Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page
  • Fix: Temp folder is reset to default
  • Fix: Clean destination folder
  • Fix: USN Journal fixes
Changes in Backup4all 7.1.313 (13-February-2018)
  • Update: Updated the CD/DVD burning engine
  • Update: Activation form enhancements
  • Update: Minor user interface language updates
Changes in Backup4all 7.1.306 (02-February-2018)
  • Fix: Design corrections for high DPI scaling
  • Fix: Errors while running on Windows XP and 2003 Server
Changes in Backup4all 7.1.301 (31-January-2018)
  • Fix: Telemetry option correction
  • Fix: Minor bug report fixes
Changes in Backup4all 7.1.297 (26-January-2018)
  • Update: Danish language is now updated
  • Update: Japanese translation updated
  • Update: Italian language partially updated
  • Update: Swedish language partially updated
  • Update: Added option to send anonymous usage statistics
  • Fix: Added new translatable strings
  • Fix: Restoring permissions from a Samba share had inconsistencies
Changes in Backup4all 7.1.251 (3-January-2018)
  • Fix: Updated Chinese Simplified translation
  • Fix: Check for Updates was showing up after each Windows login
Changes in Backup4all 7.1.241 (12-December-2017)
  • New: System icons are now used for folders/files
  • New: Added new file date filter options
  • New: Interface available in French
  • New: Added Simplified Chinese translation
  • New: Added Indonesian translation
  • New: Interface available in Turkish now
  • New: Added Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • Fix: Job details are loaded better now
  • Fix: Do not ask for restart if user pressed Cancel during setup
Changes in Backup4all 7.0.220 (17-November-2017)
  • Fix: Check if another installer is already running during setup
  • Fix: Send logs when installation fails is now a checkbox
  • Fix: File versions incorrectly handled in some situations
  • Fix: Schedulers are moved to another job when duplicating a backup job
  • Fix: Importing tags from previous version added an extra tag
Changes in Backup4all 7.0.206 (02-November-2017)
  • Fix: Import backup jobs with plugins failed in some situations
  • Fix: Interface had translation errors in certain languages
Changes in Backup4all 7.0.199 (30-October-2017)
  • Update: Improved loading of ribbon background image
  • Fix: Make sure backup catalogs are not in use during import
  • Fix: "Path not found" error for Dropbox backups
  • Fix: Destination folders were created in the root folder for Dropbox backups
  • Fix: Importing backup jobs with custom plugins in version 7
  • Fix: Load backup catalog when "Use local catalog" is unchecked
  • Fix: Restore default layout
Changes in Backup4all 7.0.181 (17-October-2017)
  • Fix: Scheduled tasks without a password import problem from previous versions
  • Fix: Empty folders were not backed up in certain situations for Mirror backups
  • Fix: Small design alignments for user interface
Changes in Backup4all 7.0.174 (12-October-2017)
  • New: Option to use block backup "Only for files larger than" a certain size
  • New: Control tab with quick access to suspend/stop/cancel jobs
  • New: Exclude filters for "Office temporary files", "Linux mapped drives", "Windows system files"
  • New: Search option for the Plugin Management section
  • Update: Restyled the ribbon interface
  • Update: Navigation pane can be compacted and customized
  • Update: Reorganized the New Backup Wizard
  • Update: Restructured the list of Options
  • Update: Modified application folders paths
  • Update: Options to customize the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Update: Restore the "Last Modified" folder date
  • Update: Optimized restore for large backups using independent splits
  • Update: Plugin Creator redesigned to make it easier to create plugins
  • Update: Minimized destination disk fragmentation for mirror backups
  • Update: Activation window redesigned
Changes in Backup4all 6.6.404 (11-September-2018)
  • Fix: Dropbox backup errors
  • Fix: Update notifications
Changes in Backup4all 6.6.388 (31-July-2017)
  • Update: Improved backups from/to network locations
  • Update: Japanese translation was updated
  • Update: Improved logging for backup servers
  • Fix: Import from previous version of Portable now works correctly
  • Fix: Check for updates failed in tray
Changes in Backup4all 6.5.373 (7-June-2017)
  • Update: Japanese language updated
  • Update: Spanish translation updated
  • Update: Catalan language file updated
  • Update: German translation updated
  • Update: Activation form redesign
Changes in Backup4all 6.4.355 (12-April-2017)
  • New: Added Burmese and Thai languages
  • Update: Interface updates for the setup screen
  • Update: German, Japanese, Portuguese, Slovak and Turkish translation updates
  • Update: Improved detection of removable drives
  • Fix: Quick test option was not saved in backup properties
Changes in Backup4all 6.4.320 (16-February-2017)
  • Fix: Some Swedish strings were corrected
  • Fix: Prevent access violation error when destroying bTray and an UgnMessage is pending
Changes in Backup4all 6.4.311 (27-January-2017)
  • New: Quick Test action for backup jobs
  • New: Quick Repair action to test and fix backup jobs
  • New: Quick Repair Catalog Only action
  • Update: Better detection for Removable/External drives
  • Update: Translation support for labels used in notification emails
  • Update: Updated multiple languages
  • Update: Partial redesign for Check for updates
  • Fix: Option to hide tray icon was overridden after an update
  • Fix: Repair action for a job with no executions returned error
  • Fix: Smart file scanning mode was not working properly when files were deleted
  • Fix: Small conflicts between different major versions on the same machine
Changes in Backup4all 6.3.278 (29-November-2016)
  • New: Double-clicking the tray icon opens the main interface
  • New: Use "Smart file scanning mode" automatically based on file count
  • Update: Log file will show the Smart file scan mode selection status also
  • Update: Restore location is logged in the restore log
  • Update: Updated French, Ukrainian and Vietnamese languages
  • Fix: New scheduled tasks could not be created in Windows 10 Anniversary Update
  • Fix: Information in log when the backup is executed with different permissions
  • Fix: Files were not deleted from destination when the path was too long for mirror backups
Changes in Backup4all 6.2.245 (20-September-2016)
  • New: You can now configure a proxy server (HTTPS/SOCKS) for activation
  • New: New options for Smart File Scanning mode based on source file count
  • Fix: Fix for backups with obfuscation
  • Fix: Small error when changing sources for mirror backups
Changes in Backup4all 6.1.236 (05-September-2016)
  • Fix: German translation was updated
  • Fix: Access violation in certain situations when "Shutdown after backup" was checked
  • Fix: Small display error correction for free disk space Statistics
Changes in Backup4all 6.1.227 (26-July-2016)
  • Fix: Enhancements for the Plugin manager
  • Fix: Changing the language from Options didn't modify the tray messages language
Changes in Backup4all 6.1.188 (01-June-2016)
  • Fix: Design changes for the languages displayed in Backup4all's option dialog
  • Fix: Updated Slovenian language for the interface
  • Fix: Updated Czech language for the interface
  • Fix: Send emails for backup jobs even if license is expired
  • Fix: Updated Portuguese (Brazilian) language for the interface
Changes in Backup4all 6.1.174 (12-May-2016)
  • New: User interface is now available in German
  • New: Added French language for the user interface
  • New: Added Dutch language for the user interface
  • New: Added Italian language for the user interface
  • New: Added Spanish language for the user interface
  • New: Added Czech language for the user interface
  • New: Added Danish language for the user interface
  • New: Added Swedish language for the user interface
  • New: Added 10 more languages for the user interface (Chinese Simplified/Traditional, Japanese, Romanian, Indonesian, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Serbian)
  • Update: Enhancements for the predefined backup plugins
Changes in Backup4all 6.1.157 (12-April-2016)
  • Fix: Incorrect size shown for statistics when destination is full
  • Fix: Error when restoring an Outlook 2016 backup job
  • Fix: Scheduled Cleanup tasks were changed during import in certain situations
  • Fix: Error when restoring from mirror backups saved to SFTP
  • Fix: Test without providing the SFTP password returned an error
  • Fix: Fixes for Windows XP (import and manage jobs)
Changes in Backup4all 6.0.133 (14-March-2016)
  • Fix: Error in certain cases after selecting OneDrive and clicking on Browse
  • Fix: Importing job from Backup4all 5.5 returned an error in some situations
  • Fix: Error when backing up a large ZIP file to Google Drive
  • Fix: Other minor corrections for specific issues
Changes in Backup4all 6.0.129 (3-March-2016)
  • Fix: Backup to CD/DVD fixes
  • Fix: Backup job message from previous job was shown twice
  • Fix: In new backup wizard CD drive was not shown directly
  • Fix: External drive properties were displayed when CD was selected in properties
  • Fix: Pop-up regarding smart backup and CD/DVD destination showed up unnecessarily
  • Fix: Additional information is displayed when entering invalid product keys
Changes in Backup4all 6.0.120 (25-February-2016)
  • New: Cloud backups to Google Drive
  • New: Cloud backups to One Drive
  • New: Cloud backups to Box Cloud
  • New: Cloud backups to Dropbox
  • New: Verify backup integrity before execution
  • New: Search file/folder in Backup view
  • New: Setup is whitelisted by the Windows SmartScreen filter (due to EV code signing with an SHA-256 certificate)
  • Update: Backup Options interface updates
  • Update: New Backup Wizard interface updates
  • Update: Backup Properties interface updates
  • Update: Various other improvements
Changes in Backup4all 5.5.839 (20-October-2015)
  • Fix: Scheduled tasks don't need elevated user rights to run anymore
  • Fix: Manual activation was not working in certain situations
  • Fix: Other small fixes
Changes in Backup4all 5.5.835 (8-October-2015)
  • New: User interface is now available in Danish
  • New: Added Japanese language for the user interface
  • New: Added Korean language for the user interface
  • New: Added Portuguese Brazil language for the user interface
  • New: Added Serbian language for the user interface
  • New: Added Vietnamese language for the user interface
  • Update: Updated translations for Chinese Simplified, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Romanian and Slovenian
  • Update: Fully compatible with Windows 10
  • Update: Added more information in log for Smart backup
NOTE: Starting with December 31st, 2015 Backup4all version 3.x will no longer be supported. If you are still using version 3 we highly recommend an upgrade to version 5. This will ensure you get the latest updates and email support. Furthermore, Backup4all 4.x (and previous) is not compatible with Windows 10. If you plan to use Windows 10 you must upgrade to Backup4all 5.5.
Changes in Backup4all 5.4.813 (4-August-2015)
  • Fix: Scheduled jobs were not displayed in Windows 10
  • Fix: Other minor fixes for Windows 10
Changes in Backup4all 5.4.810 (29-July-2015)
  • New: Interface now available in Czech
  • Update: French translation updated
  • Update: Russian translation updated
  • Fix: Tray popup menu captions fixes
  • Fix: Fixed some localization issues
Changes in Backup4all 5.4.784 (12-May-2015)
  • New: Smart file scanning mode (improves backup speed)
  • Update: The executed backup type is available in the email notifications
  • Update: Plugin creator works with the new version
  • Update: Best match tab of the ribbon is selected when starting the application
  • Update: Special XML characters are allowed in paths and names
  • Update: More information is available in the Installer Log
  • Update: Excluded files are listed in the log
  • Update: Integrated help for the activation section
  • Fix: Fixes for Windows Explorer context menu
  • Fix: Check for updates didn't install the new version in some situations
  • Fix: Some keys were not removed from registry on uninstall
  • Fix: Fixed NTFS journal logging and statistics
  • Fix: Default language chosen in installer was not used when starting the app
  • Fix: Smart type wrongfully triggered a full backup in some situations
  • Fix: Problem while merging the backup
Changes in Backup4all 5.3.723 (3-March-2015)
  • Update: Notification pop-up window will show if there are important messages
  • Update: Drastically reduced drive fragmentation for backups
  • Update: Burn engine updates
  • Fix: "More details" button for notifications did not appear correctly
  • Fix: History was not updated after execution
  • Fix: List index out of bounds error received at limit file numbers
  • Fix: Update available window now displays program title
  • Fix: Add drive to new job created an invalid .ini file
Changes in Backup4all 5.3.704 (10-February-2015)
  • New: Email notifications can now be sent in HTML format not only plain text
  • New: Added templates for HTML email notifications
  • New: Added Catalan language for user interface
  • New: The installer will check for updates and offer to install the latest version
  • New: Added backup type on statistics page
  • New: Folder name case is now updated in destination
  • New: Added more information to logs and updated messages
  • Fix: Service timeout when starting the computer due to antivirus scan delay
  • Fix: Fixed ErrorCode in installer for email subject
  • Fix: Restore was not working correctly in certain situations
  • Fix: Close after run did not work in certain situations
  • Fix: Backup list was not refreshed when using All Users
  • Fix: Backup could not be cleaned in certain situations
Changes in Backup4all 5.2.685 (21-January-2015)
  • Fix: Updated message that shows when an error occurs during installation
  • Fix: Languages did not show up in the Portable edition
  • Fix: Added antivirus information in logs for troubleshooting purposes
Changes in Backup4all 5.2.663 (16-December-2014)
  • Fix: Files were not deleted from ZIP archives when using "Limit number of file versions" for jobs with Outlook custom sources
  • Fix: When installation fails users can send log files to support
  • Fix: Several other bug fixes
Changes in Backup4all 5.2.643 (24-November-2014)
  • New: Interface is now available in German
  • New versions can now be installed automatically
  • New: Added "Jobs with warnings" filter in the Navigation pane
  • New: Jobs and tags are sorted alphabetically by default
  • New: In Card and List view mode you can do multiple selections using the keyboard
  • New: Added keyboard shortcuts for Jobs/History buttons in the Navigation pane
  • Update: Notifications window completely redesigned (new actions, redesigned icons)
  • Update: Total Backup time is now included in the log
  • Update: "Alternate zipping mode" is enabled by default for network backups
  • Update: Layout actions were renamed
  • Update: Renamed customize filter caption
  • Update: All notification messages can be configured to display collapsed or expanded
  • Update: Disconnected mapped network drives will be re-connected during backup/restore
  • Update: Modified displayed text for smart backup type
  • Update: Show number of jobs in status bar
  • Update: Modified text for customizing ribbon and password options
  • Fix: "List index out of bounds" when dragging filter checkboxes
  • Fix: "Remove excluded and deleted files" error when disconnecting mapped network drives
  • Fix: FROM field for emails will only show the name
  • Fix: Type of source is included in the log file
  • Fix: Minor display fixes for radio buttons and tray icon
  • Fix: Installer text corrections
  • Fix: "Try Again" after cancelling an installation didn't work
Changes in Backup4all 5.1.613 (23-October-2014)
  • When reactivation is needed the tray requests reactivation every hour since it does not reload the activation file
  • Fixed "Access violation at address 0170B614 in module Backup4all.exe. Read of address 0000000C."
Changes in Backup4all 5.1.609 (20-October-2014)
  • Added new text to installer window
  • Corrected some typos in several messages
  • Distributed several new plugins
  • Show explorer context menu didn't remain activated
  • Destinations radio controls were not aligned in new backup wizard
  • Language is preserved during updates
  • Fixed sorting for history (size compressed and uncompressed)
  • Error while testing a split mirror file on FTP
Changes in Backup4all 5.1.589 (25-September-2014)
  • Added new language translations for the interface: Chinese Simplified, Dutch, Slovenian
  • The program will check for updates automatically once per week by default (but you can disable that)
  • SHORTCUTDIR was added as a parameter for installing the program via command line to tell where the folder in the start menu should be placed
  • "Change trial edition" link added in Help-About to allow switching easily between editions during the evaluation
  • Added Microsoft Outlook plugin to portable setup
  • Check destination is now done after "Run action before"
  • Improved loading time when unavailable mapped drives were used as destination
  • Taskbar icon was not visible when using old plugins and at activation
  • Corrected help links in New Backup Wizard and Register link in Startup dialog
Changes in Backup4all 5.1.558 (18-August-2014)
  • Fixed errors during update on systems in other languages
  • "Launch and visit site" button was not working correctly
  • Fixes when changing the location of the temporary folder
  • Updated language files
Changes in Backup4all 5.1.555 (13-August-2014)
  • Fixed errors during update on systems where French was default language
  • Fixes for installation in Chinese traditional
  • Unnecessary warning for splitting zip files in temp folder
  • Information about operating system, user rights, processor and locale is always added in log file
  • Fix empty backup when backing up folders with no files using a plugin
  • Added more USN journal info to log
Changes in Backup4all 5.1.549 (06-August-2014)
  • Added Italian language for the interface
  • Added Zip Local Directory and Central Directory information to Smart estimations
  • Independent test removes tested zip files from temp folder when completed
  • Calculated compression ratio is now more precise
  • Show support email when there's an installation error
  • Unicode registration names were incorrectly displayed
  • Merge backups had errors in certain situations
  • Fixed AV when Backup4all.hst is missing
  • Fixed AV when clicking on the update notification from tray
Changes in Backup4all 5.1.541 (30-July-2014)
  • Added French language for user interface
  • Added Malay language for user interface
  • Added Indonesian language for user interface
  • Added Portuguese language for user interface
  • Added Spanish language for user interface
  • Added Swedish language for user interface
  • Added Romanian language for user interface
  • Added Chinese Traditional language for user interface
  • Improved backup speed for backup jobs with lots of files
  • Optimized load explore view and backup view for jobs with sources from offline net share
  • Show file icons from system using file extension in sources and restore previews
  • Added "Last backup size" and "Total size of backup" for statistics view
  • Added SettingsAvailableForCurrUser (default true) and AutoStart (default false) command line parameters for EXE setups
  • Optimized painting of file/folder icons for offline network shares in Backup view
  • GUI was freezing when selecting a job with sources from LAN
  • Disabled context menu option re-appeared on updating
  • Fixed uploading files with size 0 to Azure problem
  • Two radio buttons could be selected in the same time in Compression
  • Layout was not preserved when reopening application
  • Fix when expanding a folder for which GUI did not have the right to access it
  • Fixed mirror backup on empty folders with override filters
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.483 (24-June-2014)
  • Improved speed for mirror backups on Amazon
  • Backups to Azure now use https for upload
  • Windows 8 ReFS file system is now fully supported
  • Sort files and folders in backup view
  • Selected file/path will be remembered in Explore view after backup, test, restore, cleanup operations
  • .ost files are excluded from Outlook backups (those are not needed)
  • Disabled Try Again link when install conditions were not fulfilled during setup
  • Partially missing information in History view
  • Log Azure and Amazon test information in Backupall GUI
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.467 (02-June-2014)
  • Fixed GUI inconsistencies for 125% DPI and 1024x756 resolution
  • Fixed "Catalog file does not have a valid signature" error when using local catalogs
  • Some info notes will be always visible in log files
  • Updated Event Viewer activation messages
  • Incorrect text was displayed in card view for backup jobs with email after backup
  • Smart backup type problem when adding subsequent backup sources
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.463 (29-May-2014)
  • Multiple design fixes for the interface when using custom DPI settings
  • If VSS could not be started, the backup stopped with "no files to backup"
  • The name of the copied filter was generated incorrectly
  • Access violation when no sources were set (caused by import from previous versions)
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.460 (27-May-2014)
  • Disable journal by default
  • Testing problem on Amazon AWS
  • Handle catalogs with invalid signatures
  • Fix for moving plugins folder (when there is a job using the DLL plugin)
  • Change message when plugins are obsolete
  • Access violation at address 012EA840 in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 0000000C.
  • Access violation at address 012E771C in module 'Backup4all.EXE'. Read of address 0000000C.
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.455 (22-May-2014)
  • Added new languages for the interface, Romanian and Malaysian
  • Runtime error after installation in certain situations
  • The folder "Default" was still skipped during backups
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.450 (21-May-2014)
  • Added log certificate validation steps for Azure and Amazon
  • NTFS Journal backup improvements
  • Installation failed in some situations with an exception error
  • Updated EULAs
  • Backup to a read-only network share had errors in certain situations
  • Tray notifications showed messages even when none were unread
  • Backup catalog error: "The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file."
  • Invalid string format fix for SFTP/FTP
  • Show statistics view when selecting a job running stats
  • Fix for Blu-ray backups
  • Do not show progress for a job when starting statistics from command line
  • Show "Calculating statistics" status when running statistics
  • Added "Following drive(s) could not be found" message to log when a source drive is not available
  • Manual activation changes
  • Excluded files/folders were backed up in certain situations
  • Shutdown after action not executed (force parameter must be set is some cases)
  • Obfuscated folder not found on test
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.436 (5-May-2014)
  • Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1g to avoid Heartbeat bug (we were using an older unaffected version)
  • Updated EULA to reflect new version changes
  • New help hints for particular operations (block backup, save storage space)
  • Backup shortcuts open main application when being started, not command line version
  • Added new activation link shortcut if the process was already started
  • Updated error codes during installation
  • The application remembered position and size only when being used on the main monitor, now works with multiple screens too
  • Using View with Notepad for obfuscated files didn't work correctly
  • Messages notification counter erroneous reporting in certain situations
  • Wrong log message when no more space in temp folder
  • Unchecking "Show context menu" still showed the context menu after restart
  • Double-clicking on a group header in navbar opened a log file instead of expanding
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.414 (2-Apr-2014)
  • Backup job for configurations plug-in had errors when backing up the tag
  • Backups to Azure are now faster
  • Manual activation pop-up window now has two more buttons (Activate now/later)
  • Import .bkc from version 3 returned an access violation in certain cases
  • Security permissions were not backed up
  • "Default" users folder was not backed up when using filters
  • Files and folders are now case sensitive in backups
  • Improved French translation
  • Fix test for split files in backups using plugins
  • Setup for portable edition is now signed
  • Fixed outlook backup problems
  • Email SMTP problem when using Office365
  • Backup to SFTP problem for a particular server
  • Empty warnings in log in certain situations
  • Refresh job status in GUI and tray after app restart
  • "Invalid floating point operation" and "List index out of bounds (-1)" exception errors
  • Access violation at address 04C0EB0C in module 'bResourceStrings.bpl'. Read of address FFFFFFFB.
  • Access violation at address 0059454F in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 00340070.
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.396 (11-Mar-2014)
  • Added French translation for GUI
  • Large backups to Blu-ray discs failed in some situations
  • Fixes for the Microsoft Outlook backup plugin
  • Skip files instead of aborting backup for unreadable files in block backups
  • List header font size and row height fixes when using larger DPI
  • Cannot create file "autorun.inf" error in certain specific cases
  • Put the line with "search for warning and error" in info log
  • Cannot create file "Backup4all.ini". Access is denied.
  • Access violation at address 05B16473 in module 'bResourceStrings.bpl'. Read of address 60293A20.
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.389 (04-Mar-2014)
  • Small improvements for the cleanup dialog
  • Custom filters were not saved in all cases
  • Added more logging when executing tag actions
  • The destination link will not be loaded if not needed
  • History database was locked when deleting old history entries
  • Access violation at address 008563AB in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 00000008.
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.370 (21-Feb-2014)
  • Shutdown after backup didn't work in Windows XP/2003/2008 R2 (x64)
  • Custom icons for backup jobs were not correctly loaded
  • Runtime error when cancelling a Test operation
  • Language didn't stay selected when switching from English
  • "Playing sound" showed up in log files even when not used
  • Auto-dismiss "insert disk" notification when a disk is inserted during spanned backups
  • Notification sounds after backup didn't play entire audio
  • Modified text on notification message for spanned backups
  • Test after backup didn't verify last disk for spanned backups in certain situations
  • Shutdown after backup didn't work in certain situations for test, cleanup and restore operations
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.360 (14-Feb-2014)
  • Improved the speed of mirror backups with ZIP
  • Added additional information in activation error messages
  • "Invalid floating point operation" error in certain situations
  • Access violation at address 00903784 in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 3C0A5075.
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.359 (12-Feb-2014)
  • Backup4all was causing occasionally a computer restart on Windows 7 when no user was logged in
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.358 (12-Feb-2014)
  • Explore View ribbon menu was not shown in certain situations
  • In certain situations the tray notification app was consuming too much CPU, slowing down the system
  • Abort with "User press cancel" was not shown in log
  • Excluded files not removed even if option was checked for mirror backups
  • The system cannot find the file specified error when browsing for folder in New Backup Wizard
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.357 (11-Feb-2014)
  • Tray menu improvements
  • Show full setup download link on hash mismatch in web installer
  • Limit by file version was not loaded correctly from .ini
  • "Too many copies" error during activation in some situations
  • Runtime error when the app doesn't have enough rights to open an sqlite file
  • Several other minor fixes
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.355 (07-Feb-2014)
  • Application freezes when opening a bkc from a VPN source
  • Errors with limit by file number and standard zip
  • Error when using a password for the application interface
  • Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window
  • Fixes for tray message sync with main GUI
  • Backups created with 0 files occurring when using specific options from the Compression tab
  • Sometimes the folder/files rights are not set after moving Backup4all application folder and settings
  • bTray.exe is duplicated when switching from all users to current user
  • Limit bService log size to 50MB
  • Access violation at address 05B4CF91 in module 'bResourceStrings.bpl'. Read of address 13CB800C.
  • Access violation at address 05B46473 in module 'bResourceStrings.bpl'. Read of address DC458910.
  • Several other minor fixes
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.346 (31-Jan-2014)
  • Settings folder path was reset without user interaction
  • Removable and external drive letters were not detected if Backup4all was running as a standard user (without admin rights)
  • Increased the limit for the port number field in email notifications
  • Improved GUI look for getting started and ribbon backstage on Windows XP and 2003
  • Miscellaneous errors when backing up open files
  • Error when comparing file versions
  • Microsoft Outlook backup problems
  • Opening a .bkc from a very slow network raised a time-out exception
  • "Access violation at address 04C064DD in module bResourceStrings.bpl. Write of address 00000000" when trying to use a particular backup plugin
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.336 (24-Jan-2014)
  • Update: Proxy settings are now recognized when backing up to Amazon S3/Azure
  • Fix: The password set in "Lock program interface with a password" wasn't saved in certain situations
  • Fix: "Restore Default Layout" was showing buttons from "Jobs" on other sections that shouldn't have those
  • Fix: Added debug log for loading file/folder dictionary and folder tree from catalog
  • Fix: Hash mismatch error while trying to install via the web installer in certain situations
  • Fix: Errors when trying to backup to Samba shares were not correctly reported
  • Fix: Access violation at address 04B48053 in module 'bResourceStrings.bpl'. Read of address 02650014.
  • Fix: Access violation at address 008FECF4 in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 00000010.
  • Fix: Access violation at address 008FECF4 in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 00000010.
  • Fix: Access violation at address 0416CF91 in module 'bResourceStrings.bpl'. Read of address 0008C00C.
  • Fix: Access violation at address 01645153 in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 00000018.
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.325 (15-Jan-2014)
  • Update: Import from previous versions will offer to copy application specific settings too
  • Update: Display updates in List mode for running backups
  • Fix: Cleanup runs correctly but reports error for Smart backups
  • Fix: Access violation at address 00486D8C in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 00002D11.
  • Fix: Messages count is wrong in Backup4all
  • Fix: Error when managing custom filters
  • Fix: Inconsistencies for messages displayed in tray
  • Fix: Error "This operation is not valid because the current image contains no valid header"
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.314 (06-Jan-2014)
  • Fix: Empty notification window when opening from tray
  • Fix: "Cannot create a file when that file already exists" error for paths longer than 255 characters
  • Fix: Main update link from check for updates window was invalid
  • Fix: Access violation at address 00A81D28 in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 710A12BE.
  • Fix: Access violation at address 009AEA06 in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 00000000.
  • Fix: Access violation at address 7C84CD12 in module 'ntdll.dll'. Write of address 00000014.
  • Fix: Fixed password import for FTP and SFTP
  • Fix: FTP connection error in certain situations
  • Fix: Errors when running on Windows XP
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.309 (20-Dec-2013)
  • Fix: Test operation showed full backup as mirror in some situations
  • Fix: Modified confirmation message shown when importing from previous versions
  • Fix: Out of memory error when importing from version 3
  • Fix: Several fixes when importing backups from other versions
  • Fix: Cannot open catalog files (.bkc) from version 4
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.307 (18-Dec-2013)
  • Fix: Fixed SQL access violation error (TSQLException error)
  • Fix: Runtime error at app startup
  • Fix: Removed notification message for statistic calculations
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.305 (17-Dec-2013)
  • Fix: Backup for Outlook 2013 failed when using the built-in plugin
  • Fix: Errors in particular situations when backing up jobs on non-English systems
  • Fix: "Too many copies" activation error
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.304 (16-Dec-2013)
  • Fix: Errors when running an imported mirror backup job (destination errors)
  • Fix: Several other important fixes
  • Fix: Backup4all was not starting on Windows XP
  • Fix: Problems at startup on Windows 2003 Server
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.300 (10-Dec-2013)
  • New: Online backup to Microsoft Azure
  • New: Online backup to Amazon S3
  • New: True incrementals (bit-level/block level backups)
  • New: Smart backup type
  • New: Added Repair as a new backup action
  • New: Obfuscate file/folders names in zip
  • New: Windows Explorer contextual pop-up menu
  • New: Group backup configurations using tags
  • New: Password storage management
  • New: Notification messages
  • New: Suspend/resume the entire application
  • New: Compress the catalog on destination
  • New: Use NTFS change journal to scan for modified files
  • New: Allow processes to use up to 4GB of memory
  • New: View Statistics log
  • New: Access Backup4all according to system privileges
  • New: Test & repair jobs and tags
  • New: Display progress for the current backup job
  • New: Navigation pane
  • New: Quick access toolbar
  • New: History view
  • New: Show job details in card/list mode (with filters and groups)
  • New: Change the backup groups order
  • Update: Redesigned interface (ribbon style)
  • Update: Redesigned Plugin Manager (with automatic plugin load and customization)
  • Update: Windows 8.1 full compatibility
Changes in Backup4all 4.9.291 (4-July-2013)
  • New: Added TLS, a new encryption type for sending emails
  • New: Use environment variables in email notifications (title and message)
  • New: Default email notification title was updated
  • Fix: Missing .png file warning when backing up the program configurations
Changes in Backup4all 4.8.286 (3-October-2012)
  • Fix: Fixed a problem occurring when backing up open files on 32-bit OS
Changes in Backup4all 4.8.285 (24-September-2012)
  • Fix: "Backup open files" was not working correctly
Changes in Backup4all 4.8.282 (31-August-2012)
  • Fix: If the option to "Start at Windows Start-up" was checked, in certain conditions when the computer exited the hibernation state, Backup4all would freeze
  • Fix: When starting up, the window showing quick actions was displayed behind the main program window, making it unusable
Changes in Backup4all 4.8.278 (13-July-2012)
  • Fix: Password was encrypted twice in some cases, causing problems on restore
  • Fix: Large split files weren’t deleted from the destination when the option to do so was enabled
  • Fix: After the second execution of a fast mirror backup an error might occur when testing even if the modified files were correctly backed up
  • Fix: Error when using the “Yes, limit number of file versions”
Changes in Backup4all 4.8.275 (21-June-2012)
  • New: Important backup speed enhancements
  • New: Improved source filter matching
  • New: Faster file access functions while archiving
  • New: Detailed log creation speed is faster
  • Fix: Restoring a file from a mirror with zip had a different modified time
  • Fix: Cannot force a different backup type for a backup shortcut
  • Fix: The BD-R disks were not 100% filled when the sources were on multiple drives
Changes in Backup4all 4.7.270 (10-May-2012)
  • Fix: Problems when backing up files/folders with Korean characters
  • Fix: Problems when backing up files/folders with Chinese characters
Changes in Backup4all 4.7.268 (11-April-2012)
  • Fix: For some FTP/SFTP servers, there was a warning about files uploaded with a different size.
  • Fix: Catalog file was not renamed on some FTP/SFTP servers.
  • Fix: Backup Russian characters from Russian OS and restore to English OS problem fixed.
Changes in Backup4all 4.7.265 (23-03-2012)
  • New: Added new transfer types for FTP uploads: Binary, Ascii and Auto
  • New: New option that allows customizing the list of file types to transfer in ASCII mode
Changes in Backup4all 4.6.263 (17-02-2012)
  • Fix: Customized filters couldn't be modified after creation.
  • Fix: Using independent splits when backing up to FTP caused an invalid warning.
Changes in Backup4all 4.6.259 (20-10-2011)
  • Fix: Outlook accounts with special characters in their names were not backed up
  • Fix: Backup destination was not changed when opening a catalog from USB
  • Fix: Layout.ini file was not correctly recreated
Changes in Backup4all 4.6.254 (18-07-2011)
  • Fix: When a backup was aborted because the action before it failed, all buttons for that job were grayed out
  • Fix: When using Mirror backup, the folders were not removed from FTP destination if they were deleted from sources.
Changes in Backup4all 4.6.253 (27-05-2011)
  • Fix: Cache size for burner engine was increased
  • Fix: The merged files will be deleted only after the resulting zip is uploaded to destination
  • Fix: Successful email was sent even if external drive was disconnected
  • Fix: Properties window was not displayed completely for large fonts with small resolutions
Changes in Backup4all 4.6.250 (18-04-2011)
  • New: The CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning engine was updated
  • New: An exclamation sound is played when the CD/DVD/Blu-ray needs to be changed
  • New: New backup tags were added for hour, minute and second
  • New: When forcing a shutdown during the backup, you will be notified that "Shutting down will corrupt current backup"
  • Fix: Excluding a file from sources lead to removing the entire folder
  • Fix: If the upload of a file failed, the retry caused the progress to exceed 100%
  • Fix: Clean backup was executed on external drives even if those were disconnected
  • Fix: Filters could not be changed from Include to Exclude
  • Fix: The application did not start when computer was idle
  • Fix: When backing up to a CD/DVD/Blu-ray, the fist execution date was not correctly imported after the second session
  • Fix: If "Test after backup" option was not used, the application was still asking for the disk
  • Fix: Importing backup jobs in Professional or Standard from Lite was not working
  • Fix: The zip name in log error messages was empty in certain situations
  • Fix: The log was not open with the selected Log Viewer in all cases
  • Fix: In the backup list, the last selected group was not saved after a restart
  • Fix: The dot character was not allowed in a tag name
Changes in Backup4all 4.5.241 (23-02-2011)
  • New: Switching between languages will hide the history
  • Update: Environmental variables are for destination folders on FTP/SFTP too
  • Fix: Some fixes for backup to FTP and SFTP destinations
Changes in Backup4all 4.5.236(24-01-2011)
  • Update: French language update
  • Update: When proxy was not available, check for updates stopped but now tries without proxy too
  • Fix: Backup jobs were not imported if a job with the same name already existed
  • Fix: Some errors fixed when backing up to SFTP
Changes in Backup4all 4.5.231(28-10-2010)
  • Fix: There was a "permission denied" error when backing up to some SFTP servers
Changes in Backup4all 4.5.230(26-10-2010)
  • Fix: Limit number of file versions did not work for FTP/SFTP
  • Fix: Canceling backup in Progress View was hanging the process in some cases
Changes in Backup4all 4.5.226 (14-10-2010)
  • New: Added "Progress view"
  • New: The progress bar contains now more details
  • New: New GUI translation added (Finnish)
  • New: Added "Active" checkbox for filters
  • New: Shutdown pop-up notification is shown even if backup is running in background
  • New: Repair function from "Control Panel" works even if installed from exe
  • Fix: Changing the destination folder name was not updated on FTP
  • Fix: Pause during merge was not working properly
  • Fix: Brief view was not showing the correct details for new open jobs
  • Fix: Backup jobs from CD/DVD cannot be open because of read-only attribute
  • Fix: Sheduled backups at 00:00 or 12:00 AM were not correctly listed in Backup view
  • Fix: Restore Preview page showed the UTC time, not the local time
  • Fix: Shutdown after backup did not work if no user was logged in
  • Fix: CD/DVD was not refreshed after backup
  • Fix: In some cases, the application did not start at Windows startup
Changes in Backup4all 4.4.218 (31-08-2010)
  • Fix: Fixed problem with long "Preparing shadow copy" message during the backup
  • Fix: Removed false errors during restore of NTFS files with permissions
  • Fix: Copy NTFS permissions problem fixed
  • Fix: Dll problem fixed for Windows 2000 server
Changes in Backup4all 4.4.214 (30-07-2010)
  • Fix: Vscsrv2008 crashes under Windows Vista/7/2008 32 bit.
Changes in Backup4all 4.4.213 (29-06-2010)
  • Fix: Temporary files were not deleted during the restore of multiple splits.
  • Fix: "Invalid request id" warning when backing up to SFTP.
  • Fix: Backup view not expanded correctly in some cases.
  • Fix: Cannot open catalog from a mapped drive.
  • Fix: Vscsrv.exe crashes under Win XP 64-bit.
  • Fix: SQL Server Backup was automatically triggered when using backup open files option.
  • Fix: Rename backup jobs from removable drives.
  • Fix: Select folder and driver destination does not indicate the specified folder.
  • Fix: Job was not renamed after changing the destination from CD to local.
  • Fix: "Exclude from backup sources" option does not work for new files.
Changes in Backup4all 4.4.206 (5-05-2010)
  • Fix: File/folder icons were not correctly displayed in Explore View.
  • Fix: Error while restoring Microsoft Outlook backups to original location.
Changes in Backup4all 4.4.194 (2-03-2010)
  • Fix: SSL settings were not correctly saved.
  • Fix: Some language updates.
Changes in Backup4all 4.4.188 (20-01-2010)
  • New: Option added to open backups from specific locations (Local, Network, FTP/SFTP)
  • New: Backup jobs can now be moved in the backup list(drag-and-drop)
  • New: Test runs after the merge operation too
  • Fix: The number of warnings in email notification was not correct
  • Fix: Backup4all froze while paused for a longer period of time
  • Fix: Mirror backup to CD/DVD/Blu-ray spaning on multiple disks
  • Fix: Warning message when cannot open read-only catalog file
  • Fix: Restore with problems from "Getting Started" page
  • Fix: Some fixes when backing up open files
  • Fix: "Open" and "View with Notepad" options fixed
Changes in Backup4all 4.3.175 (25-11-2009)
  • Fix: Deleted or excluded files were restored all the time
  • Fix: Notification sounds not reflecting the backup status.
  • New: Estonian language was added.
  • New: SFTP host keys are also backed up with Backup4all configurations plugin.
Changes in Backup4all 4.3.173 (20-11-2009)
  • Fix: Problem when switching between backup limitation options
  • Fix: Deleted files were restored all the time
  • Fix: "Backup all groups" radio button does not correctly work
  • Fix: Sort files after size does not work correctly
  • Fix: Backup open files problem fixed
Changes in Backup4all 4.3.168 (5-11-2009)
  • New: Backup to SFTP was added
  • New: Added a new option that lets you Backup all groups
  • New: Option to split files larger than a specific size for FTP backups
  • New: Split the backup according to a number of files/folders
  • New: New option to "Store temporary catalog data in memory"
  • New: "Minimize to tray when finished" added for backup on demand
  • Fix: Pressing Cancel during the Clean operation is not possible anymore
  • Fix: "Last Backup" and "Last backup status" from Brief view will be updated even if no files were backed up
  • Fix: Cancel backup during catalog upload will not result in a corrupt catalog
  • Fix: Test with warnings for Backup4all configurations plugin on Vista
  • Fix: Index out of bounds during independent test for mirror
  • Fix: Backup4all did not close after run for backups on demand
  • Fix: Backup open files on 64-bit OS
  • Fix: Desktop.ini file was modified after backup on Windows 2008 R2
  • Fix: Incorrect OTB device detection fixed
  • Fix: Skipping files from disconnected source drives is faster
  • Fix: Restoring file with non-English characters
  • Fix: Backup at system shutdown was not turning the computer off
Changes in Backup4all 4.2.156 (28-08-2009)
  • Fix: Volume Shadow Copy problems on Windows 2003
  • Fix: Some files were not correctly backed up using mirror type
  • Fix: Faster actions for large number of versions
Changes in Backup4all 4.2.155 (24-08-2009)
  • Fix: Volume Shadow Copy problems
  • Fix: Microsoft Outlook plugin
  • Fix: Faster catalog loading for large number of versions
  • Fix: Some tags were not working for Mirror backup
  • Fix: Empty folders were not removed from FTP backups
Changes in Backup4all 4.2.154 (12-08-2009)
  • New: Bulgarian language was added
  • New: Czech language was added
  • Fix: Excluded folders were not removed from FTP destinations
  • Fix: Test after backup had false warnings in some cases
  • Fix: Backup open files fix
  • Fix: Backup to CD/DVD/Blu-ray fix
Changes in Backup4all 4.2.153 (7-08-2009)
  • Fix: New backup jobs using existing plugins had wrong paths in sources
Changes in Backup4all 4.2.152 (6-08-2009)
  • Fix: In certain cases installation would stop with an "Ended Prematurely" error
  • Fix: Changing user settings during installation would result in backup jobs not being imported from the previous version
  • Fix: Crash when using the Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook plugin
Changes in Backup4all 4.2.150 (30-07-2009)
  • New: Added Unicode filename support (files with non-standard characters can be easily backed up now)
  • New: Backup4all is now compatible with 64-bit operating systems too
  • New: Environment Variables can be used when defining new filters (e.g. %temp%, %SystemRoot%)
  • New: File versions can be compared now
  • New: Added "Select columns" option in the right-click menu of the versions section (Explore View)
  • New: Added option to select new filetype for log files (.txt is accepted now too, given that .log files cannot be opened on Blackberry devices)
  • New: Added option "Remove from sources" when right-clicking a file in Explore View
  • New: Added a new button for "Ignore all" during restore
  • New: Added message for mirror backups to FTP when splitting large files and there is not enough space in temp (Ftp allows files of max 2GB)
  • New: Added notification if the CTM gets corrupted (ask user to reinstall application)
  • New: Added an option to force the after backup action execution
  • New: Interface now available in French, German, Malay, Portuguese too
  • Update: If the notification email has an attachment larger than the sending limit, only the email is sent (without attachment)
  • Update: Sources can be modified now even after selecting a Predefined Backup job (this way a backup job can be used as a "template" for future backup jobs)
  • Fix: Various fixes for mirror backups (with zip) to removable drives and FTP
  • Fix: In particular cases the .bkc got corrupted
  • Fix: Fixed an error when using "Create full paths (including drive letter)" option
  • Fix: "Destination error" when using the Mirror backup type with a plugin
  • Fix: The zip split is adjusted to the destination media even if is set to a larger size
  • Fix: SQL errors were showing in some particular cases
  • Fix: Some unicode characters were not zipped correctly
  • Fix: Cannot use a mapped drive as destination in New Backup Wizard
  • Fix: Changing the time zone caused the back up of all files
  • Fix: Several Access Violations were fixed
  • Fix: Folders were not erased from FTP using "Remove excluded and deleted files" option.
  • Fix: Several Access Violations were fixed
  • Fix: Multiple files selection was not working correctly
Changes in Backup4all 4.1.139 (13-05-2009)
  • New: Files with names up to 255 characters (or special characters such as ;) can be added on CD/DVD/Blu-ray without trimming
  • Fix: An AV occured after starting a Backup Group when a backup job was already active
  • Fix: The Merge operation was not using the correct temporary folder
  • Fix: Testing mirror to ftp with subfolder prefix did not work
Changes in Backup4all 4.1.138 (8-05-2009)
  • New zip prefix: "Backup Day of Week (locale)" - number that takes into account the regional settings
  • New zip prefix: "Backup Day of Week (name)" - short name of the day in week
  • Fix: Minimum zip split size was not enforced to 512 KB
  • Fix: Catalogs were inconsistent after runing cleanup on imported backup jobs
  • Fix: Corrected some issues related to spanning backup on multiple DVDs
  • Fix: An access violation was triggered in some cases when running mirror with zip
  • Fix: Corrected volume shadow copy service issues for jobs using plugins
Changes in Backup4all 4.1.137 (29-04-2009)
  • Update: The "Prepare files list" operation was optimized so the backup time is reduced
  • Update: Test operation is now faster for large files
  • Update: Italian and Spanish languages were updated
Changes in Backup4all 4.1.136 (24-04-2009)
  • Update: If the user cannot write to Folder locations paths, the default path will be used.
  • Update: Selecting the backup job after changing the CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive letter, displays a wrong message.
  • Fix: When backup limit was reached, the zip splits were not always deleted from destination
  • Fix: The default installation language was not English if the OS was in another language than English
  • Fix: Changing from Fast mirror to Full mirror was not correctly done in catalog in some cases
  • Fix: Sometimes there was a problem when loading an imported catalog
  • Fix: Restoring a single file to a different location was recreating the entire path
  • Fix: Merge backups was not working for application configurations
  • Fix: Some SSL problems fixed for email notifications
  • Fix: In Explore View, when right clicking a file version, the "Open" and "Open with Notepad" options did not work
  • Fix: Backup was not deleted from catalog after clean if moved from local destination to FTP
Changes in Backup4all 4.1.135 (6-04-2009)
  • Fix: Backup to spanned CD/DVD/Blu-ray had a wrong date or the date was missing
  • Fix: When restoring a selective file to another location, the entire original file path was added
  • Fix: In some cases, importing jobs from version 3 did not add them in the backup list
Changes in Backup4all 4.1.134 (31-03-2009)
  • Update: On Vista, the "Code error: 0x8007052E" message is now more explanatory
  • Update: Spanish interface language added
  • Update: Notification emails are sent without attached log if the file size is too large
  • Fix: Reduced Backup4all start time when using network sources
Changes in Backup4all 4.1.133 (26-03-2009)
  • Update: Russian language available for the user interface
Changes in Backup4all 4.1.132 (25-03-2009)
  • Update: Scollbar for Language box in Backup Properties
  • Update: Improved selective restore from a spanned backup on CD/DVD
  • Fix: Uploading files larger than 2GB on FTP using Mirror with zip, did not work
  • Fix: Fixed several "Access volation" errors
  • Fix: Drive A: and B: were not allowed as a CD/DVD/Blu-ray destination
  • Fix: Fixed an error in "Always use temporary folder" for backups to removable drives
  • Fix: False error message in the cleanup log when there were no files to clean
Changes in Backup4all 4.1.131 (20-03-2009)
  • Update: Obsolete plugins are detected and removed from the Plugins folder on startup
  • Fix: An access denied error was returned when trying to access MyDocuments folder in Vista in some particular cases
  • Fix: An access violation was shown when the destination was set to a CD/DVD/Blu-ray without writing capabilities
Changes in Backup4all 4.1.130 (17-03-2009)
  • New: Backup to Blu-ray discs and HD-DVD (or from Blu-ray/HD DVD) is now supported
  • New: Added support for backing up to dual layer DVDs
  • New: Added plugin to backup Microsoft Outlook automatically
  • New: Added show excluded file no. and excluded folder no. (in Test/Cleanup window, Backup View, Restore/Choose backup numbers window)
  • New: Added text description field for selected filter in Options->Filters
  • New: Predefined global filters are added automatically to new backup jobs
  • New: Added new predefined splits for Blu-ray and dual layer DVDs
  • New: Show text description for selected filter in Options->Filters
  • Update: Optimized "Update catalog" process for jobs with many backup numbers
  • Update: Before/After actions now allow shortcuts
  • Fix: When using mirror with zip, files with long path were not copied
  • Fix: "Delete sources after successful backup" did not remove folders from sources
  • Fix: ICO images with resolution over 32x32 and alpha blending were not loaded as backup job icons
  • Fix: Filters containing absolute paths were ignored
  • Fix: Testing a mirror backup (with zip and AES encryption) to FTP returned errors even when successful
  • Fix: Timeout while waiting to stop expand
  • Fix: Files were not deleted during incremental backups set to keep only 3 versions
  • Fix: Use existing FTP configuration in New Backup Wizard
  • Fix: "Limit number of backups" and "Merge backups" are now taken into account when backing up to USB flash drives (if the backup is not spanned)
  • Fix: Miscelaneous fixes for filters
  • Fix: When running a full backup to an external drive, no error was shown in some cases if the drive was disconnected
  • Fix: Bandwidth limitation was ignored when set through the Options-Ftp window
  • Fix: When using the Merge backups option, files that only have one version and have the status excluded will be deleted
  • Fix: Pause during a restore operation was ignored
  • Fix: Security password is not enforced when switching from current user to all users
  • Fix: Changes to a general predefined filter were not propagated to locked backup jobs using it
  • Fix: Changes to a general predefined ftp configuration were not propagated to locked backup jobs using it
  • Fix: When cancelling a backup to a removable drive during merge, a temporary folder was kept in the destination
  • Fix: Restoring deleted files from a mirror backup wasn't working in certain conditions
  • Fix: Too many tests were performed for a spanned back-up to CD/DVD
  • Fix: Importing (from version 3) a backup job based on a plugin was not importing the plugin too
  • Fix: Status progress bar inaccuracies when backing up registry files
  • Fix: Show only Active jobs filter was not working correctly
  • Fix: "Backup4all could not find the locally cached backup catalog for..." error fixed
  • Fix: Catalog folder pointed to the wrong folder when reinstalling with different setup options
  • Fix: Folder filters when performing a restore were ignored
  • Fix: Restoring from an Outlook Express backup was not working correctly if the Windows username was different
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.126 (23-12-2008)
  • FIX: Merge problems when using plugins
  • FIX: The visualization mode was ignored
  • FIX: Filter by date was not correctly working
  • FIX: New tags were not inserted in the correct order
  • FIX: Test was not correctly performed after a backup to FTP with independent splits
  • FIX: Sometimes, after backup, "Format '%s' invalid or incompatible with argument" error was shown.
  • FIX: Failure when performing computer shutdown after backup
  • UPDATE: Faster "Expand all" in Backup View and Explore View
  • UPDATE: Faster catalog update after backup
  • UPDATE: Plugins are listed in alphabetical order
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.125 (12-12-2008)
  • FIX: SQL error (primary key constraint violation) when removing deleted files from backup
  • FIX: In some cases, the new files were not displayed in Explore View.
  • FIX: Sometimes the zip was not correctly split on FAT32 hard drives.
  • FIX: Independent test was not canceled on removable drive when drive not accesible.
  • FIX: SQL error "UPDATE TempVersionDelete SET StartSpan = -1 ..." when deleting backup numbers.
  • FIX: Av when creating a new backup job while another backup job is writing a CD\DVD
  • FIX: "Backup name" was terminated abnormally. Press OK to reindex the backup catalog
  • FIX: Fixed some minor gui errors when using custom dpi (120 dpi)
  • UPDATE: Explorer like multiselect handling in Backup View / Explorer View
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.124 (8-12-2008)
  • FIX: Restore stops when a file cannot be overwritten
  • FIX: Sometimes an AV appears in Backup View after backup is finished
  • FIX: "No argument for format ..." error when deleting backup versions
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.123 (5-12-2008)
  • FIX: Error when backing up to FTP using XCRC
  • FIX: Sometimes an AV appears when loading a job after the backup has finished
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.122 (4-12-2008)
  • FIX: The Restore button was not disabled during the backup execution
  • FIX: Restoring the configurations did not add the jobs in the backup list
  • FIX: Fixed "Cannot exit aplication when busy" message after running a backup group using shortcut
  • FIX: Some files were not restored if using the advanced restore configuration
  • UPDATE: Added text box on the Compression page, informing about the encryption feature applicability
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.121 (28-11-2008)
  • FEATURE: "Check all"/"Uncheck all" buttons were added to Restore Wizard.
  • FIX:"Duplicate Object index" error fixed
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.120 (21-11-2008)
  • FIX: "Zip the files" option from Mirror page was not saved
  • FIX: History window was not listing the backup actions
  • FIX: Fixed a "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error
  • FIX: Files were not found because of a double slash in path on some FTP servers
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.119 (18-11-2008)
  • FIX: Fixed an AV when choosing an .exe file as a job icon
  • FIX: Testing a backup (created using plugins) returned an error if registry keys were missing from the source
  • FIX: The Outlook Express plugin didn't work correctly
  • FIX: Mirror backup was running slow in some cases
  • FIX: Fixed a "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error
  • FIX: The catalog wasn't removed from the old location when changing the destination folder for an FTP backup
  • UPDATE: During open file backup, if a file is not found via the shadow copy volume service, it looks for it directly in the source
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.118 (11-11-2008)
  • FIX: Running a shortcut for a backup group using a bat file didn't do anything
  • FIX: Group filters were ignored when the backup list was switched to the icon view
  • FIX: Fixed a "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error occuring in some cases when clicking the calculate statistics button
  • FIX: Fixed a "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error occuring in some cases when clicking the view log file button from the Logs and history window
  • FIX: Fixed "Cannot connect to the FTP server" error occuring when merging files for a backup having FTP as destination
  • FIX: Fixed an AV occuring when trying to edit the filter in Backup View
  • FIX: "Copy files in a subfolder" option sometimes erase destination folder
  • FIX: The "Remove excluded or deleted files from backup" option did not work for the first mirror backup
  • UPDATE: Optimized the speed for backup jobs that were created using predefined plugins.
  • UPDATE: Modified the merging procedure when using independent zip splits
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.117 (4-11-2008)
  • FIX: Fixed bug occuring when testing a mirror backup to CD (with compression)
  • UPDATE: Drastically reduced the time needed to reindex the backup catalog (after a backup terminated abnormally)
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.116 (30-10-2008)
  • FIX: When using the merge backups option, the custom split size was not respected
  • FIX: Backup to FTP didn't work in certain cases (created an infinite loop)
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.115 (28-10-2008)
  • FIX: Fixed AV that occured when finding files (in some particular cases)
  • FIX: For a protected backup, the password was corrupted starting with the second backup run
  • FIX: Fixed error that occured when backing up to CD without using local catalog
  • FIX: Fixed error that occured when backing up to removable drives without using local catalog
  • FIX: Fixed "Application seems to be frozen" error
  • FIX: File size was different in destination than in source for full, incremental and differential
  • UPDATE: Automatically detection and conversion of backup catalog from version 3 to 4 (when needed)
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.114 (22-10-2008)
  • FIX: Several Volume Shadow Copy errors occured (.pst file was not always copied in the destination)
  • FIX: "Size of file in destination different than in source" error message fixed
  • FIX: If the interface was locked and update check enabled at application startup, update didn't work
  • FIX: "List index out of bounds" error was shown when displaying backup job hint (some specific cases)
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.113 (17-10-2008)
  • FIX: Fixed file splitting errors for large backups
  • FIX: Import from previous versions didn't work in certain situations
  • FIX: Username for SMTP and FTP server configurations was not remembered if it consisted of over 16 characters
  • FIX: In certain situations when using mirror backup with "Remove excluded or deleted files from backup", the files were copied to the destination but deleted on completion
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.112 (16-10-2008)
  • FIX: The destination drive selection was not remembered when using the New Backup Wizard
  • FIX: Test and restore for files with chinese names did not work
  • FIX: Backup to FTP did not work correctly for files over 2GB (files were copied each time)
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.111 (14-10-2008)
  • FEATURE: Added the possibility to enable/disable automatic weekly updates during setup
  • FIX: Fixed AV that occured in some cases when displaying backup job hints
  • FIX: Fixed AV triggered by using some specific backup plugins
  • FIX: An SQL error was generated when opening some backup jobs
  • FIX: Merging backups did not work if the source was on a network location
  • FIX: Merging backups did not work after importing a backup job that had merge configured
  • FIX: The Restore, Test and Cleanup windows were not displayed correctly on Windows 2000
  • FIX: Fixed other AV errors that occured in particular situations
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.110 (9-10-2008)
  • FIX: Fixed AV that occured in some cases when using incremental backup
  • FIX: Corrected "Not enough disk space" error when backing up to FAT32 formatted destinations
  • FIX: Importing backups with plugins didn't work correctly
  • FIX: Running backup jobs with plugins
  • FIX: Exclude status for filter was not saved
  • FIX: Name of the merged archive did not have the prefix added (when using incremental with merge)
  • FIX: After importing from v3, past statistics were wrong
  • FIX: Locked status of filter was not saved
  • FIX: During backup, connecting to an inexisting mapped drive letter (used as source or destination) returned "Program stopped working" error on Vista
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.108 (30-09-2008)
  • FIX: Configurations lost after switching to "All Users" and restarting Backup4all.
  • FIX: Multiple filters were not imported correctly.
  • FIX: If you started the application from a different user, installed plugins were not available.
  • FIX: Slow loading of a backup job on external drive.
  • FIX: Statistics are cleared during backup.
  • FIX: "Clear archive bit" for folders did not work.
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.107 (26-09-2008)
  • FIX: Backup4all did not start on WinXP in Czech language
  • FIX: Minor bug fixed when importing from version 3
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.106 (25-09-2008)
  • FIX: Backup to FTP - executing a full after a previous mirror generated an AV
  • FIX: "Import from version 3..." didn't work if the Settings folder was redirected in Backup4all 3
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.105 (24-09-2008)
  • UPDATE: Added a portable version for Backup4all
  • FIX: "Cannot insert file into image" error when backing up to CD without using local catalog.
  • FIX: Canceling a backup generated an AV (sometimes).
  • FIX: Testing files with limited NTFS permisions generated errors.
  • FIX: Cannot add a new filter in Backup Properties when a predefined filter is already defined.
  • FIX: Create Shortcut: show a drop-down list with the names of all defined backup groups and backup jobs.
  • FIX: Importing jobs from Lite 4 to Professional 4 generates an error.
  • FIX: Files greater than 2GB could not be uploaded on FTP (split file error).
  • FIX: Explore View/Backup View: after expand all cancel, files in the root folders were duplicated.
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.103 (16-09-2008)
  • FEATURE: Added the possibility to see passwords while typing them
  • UPDATE: List the file paths from destination in the test log
  • UPDATE: Mirror backup: if a source drive is not available (network share, usb stick, ...) then the files from that drive are not excluded from backup
  • FIX: Pause backup during file splitting did not work properly
  • FIX: Wrong error message generated when adding the same plugin twice
  • FIX: Save the layout of the Backup View
  • FIX: Backup execution status was not changed when warnings or errors occurred during Test
  • FIX: Bkc file was not deleted from the catalog folder if a job was deleted from interface
  • FIX: Legacy comparison criteria didn't work
  • FIX: Log folder limit did not work properly
  • FIX: Allow commas in the job and group names
  • FIX: Check for updates did not run at startup
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.102 (24-08-2008)
  • FEATURE: Multiple files/folders can be selected in Sources folder tree in New Backup Wizard and Backup Properties
  • FEATURE: Added icon for selected destination and selected backup type in Backup Properties
  • FEATURE: New version automatically upgrades existing installation (no need to uninstall first)
  • UPDATE: Updated internal CD/DVD burning engine
  • UPDATE: New backup group is created by default on first run
  • UPDATE: Sources tree list resizes with window
  • UPDATE: Mouse wheel can be used to scroll Sources tree list
  • UPDATE: Defined folder filters now apply to full folder path too
  • UPDATE: Plugins used in backup jobs cannot be deleted
  • FIX: Fixed creating directory structure on certain FTP servers with specific user rights
  • FIX: Backup to CD using UDF works now
  • FIX: If backup finished with errors, test will not run
  • FIX: Fixed "List index out of bounds" when using predefined backup on FTP
  • FIX: Fixed log folder size limit bug
  • FIX: Specify destination folder on install
  • FIX: User interface corrections for large fonts
Changes in Backup4all 4.0.101 (21-08-2008)
  • UPDATE: Main windows will remember their last size and position
  • UPDATE: Show a message when the added plugin (*.xml) is not valid
  • FIX: Fixed the "Browse" buttons from Default Settings page in the installer
  • FIX: Fixed SQL error for differential backups on FTP
  • FIX: Fixed drag and drop on the Sources page in Backup Properties window
  • FIX: Fixed AV when editing the Backup View filter
  • FIX: Fixed tab key order
  • FIX: Fixed inserting tags in zip prefix
  • FIX: Fixed AV when opening a job with an already existing name
  • FIX: Fixed AV when trying to open an non-existing backup icon
  • FIX: Fixed list index out of bounds when switching Backup List to Icons view mode