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"Thank You for backup4all"

"I have been through it all on the subject of using and trying to get a good backup. I have learned one thing and that is you can not have an incremental/differential backup with out either a catalog being provided by the backup program or using the Archival attribute that NTFS provides though the latter is not an answer as I found out.

It makes me so mad to see so many backup programs use the word Differential/Incremental when all they are talking about is copying files. Most backup programs are no different then a "raid" type configuration and I don't see that as a true backup. If you can't get the data off your computer then you don't have it and the biggest obstacle to this is the size of the information that has to be backed up. With the large drives it is absolutely essential to be able to have some true Differential/Incremental capability in a backup program.

I have used a program called XXcopy which is a great program however I was trying to use the "Archival attribute" in NTFS to do the backup and I learned too late that you can not do that for not all of the files reset the "archival attribute" after they are modified. In my situation this was true for the WAB file of Outlook express which is the file used by "Address Book" in Outlook Express so I was not backing it up, a most important file I might add.

I have used programs like Roxio's backup program which does use a catalog type system however I found out that the catalog they use was located on my HD and is put on the DVD only in a special compressed form that needs the same Catalog file to access the information on the DVD making all my backups useless for I no longer had the information on the HD. I spent days and days backing up information that I could not get to without sending it to Roxio's special company to have them decipher the backup. Roxio should be sued for that mistake.

Backup4all is the only program I have found so far that not only allows for a true Differential/Incremental backup but also lets you backup the catalogs in any way you wish. I don't know how any body could rate any backup program other then defective if they do not provide this capability.

Every one knows how important backing up your data is so this is why I get so angry at many of the programs that are offered that fail this important test and I have tried most of them.

Backup4all you are the BEST. Thank you for your program and of the others you are dirt bags if you do not provide a way to do true Differential/incremental backups."

Marshall D'Arcy (posted on the forum)
Best backup software

"I am not someone who often writes thank-you notes or letters, I work in the industry and see plenty of software both good and bad. I'm usually spending time reading support documentation, related user forums or sending emails to support to resolve some issue or problem related to the software. However for Backup4All I have absolutely no need for any of this whatsoever. So Id rather spend a short while writing a thank-you email instead.

It was only after spending hours and hours with literally several well known backup packages and discovering that automatically adding new subfolders to an existing backup is not a feature that can be taken for granted (I'd love to name the major package that omits this feature!) did I go searching yet again and find Backup4All.

And I found the most superbly thought out and designed package that not only has all the features I can possibly imagine, but it is remarkably easy to use with a highly intuitive and simple but extremely powerful user interface.

Better still the package actually works flawlessly as expected (sadly, I can assure you, this also cannot be taken for granted), right down to the very last detail. And, compared to other full featured packages I have tried, Backup4All is fast and efficient. And even better it uses industry standard file formats so I don't have to use Backup4All in order to access backed up files in the event of a disaster. And its so informative, keeping you abreast of what's happening, happened (sadly automatically saving log files without user interaction also cannot be taken for granted) or conversely can operate totally unnoticed. Seems like that's trivial? To be expected ? Not at all - these features are not common, at least not all in the same easy to use and feature rich package.

Amusingly I did think Id found a limitation when my C drive did not have enough space for a temporary file before burning to DVD, despite installing Backup4All to a different drive. But of course there is no such limitation, it is all configurable!

Your coders/designers have undoubtedly mastered the art of true user friendly interfaces combined with a highly specified and advanced package, which is a rarity indeed. You only need to look at some of the major packages installed on many desktops to realize that designing user-friendly software is a true art. I continue to be amazed at how simple yet powerful the interface is - it seems that all and any information or function you need is only a click away. It has to be the case that your designers are actual (heavy and demanding) users of Backup4All in order to make it so easy to use.

To anyone who doubts the effectiveness and completeness of this package, I challenge them to go and try some other popular packages first. And by try, I mean actually use in anger in all the modes you might require it and also, critically, actually try to find and restore some backed up files as if you had lost your hard disk. And see how long it takes you to set this all up, and then use it. See how frustrated you are when you've finished.

The design of this package is simply brilliant. And for such an admittedly dull topic as file backups, that is praise indeed!

Well done. That concludes my thank you email for 2009!"

Colin (Received by mail)
A testimonial for BACKUP4ALL

"I have used BACKUP4ALL over 16 months. It is GREAT. Support is top class and the program performs flawlessly. I’ve been a software developer for over 25 years and this is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Thank you BACKUP4ALL."

David B. (Received by mail)
Thank you for providing a quality product at a reasonable price

"Thank you for your prompt response. I have also downloaded and tested the professional trial version and I am pleasantly surprised at how well the product works. I really like the adaptability of the product to various requirements. The preparation of Zipped backups to UnZipped Full Mirror style and combinations in between provides a great deal of flexibility in setting up backup strategies. I am very impressed with the product and, as a computer consultant and integrator (30 years experience), I fully intend to adopt and recommend this product to my clients as the primary data backup tool of choice."

Lucas O. (Received by mail)
Best backup software

"Thank you for producing the best backup software I have ever used. I have always been careful to do regular backups, even though it is so much effort using other software. With Backup4all it is so quick and easy that I have set the scheduler to do backups every day instead of once a week."

Peter S. (Received by mail)
"I was ecstatic when I ran across your product"

"I researched many, many backup products so that I could perform true incremental backups using FTP. It was a very frustrating experience as I tried product after product and they failed to give me a true incremental FTP backup (so that I could save bandwidth). I was ecstatic when I ran across your product, gave it a try, and it passed with flying colors.

From what I have seen so far, you guys "just get it" when it comes to backups. I have previously worked for a backup software company and you have nearly every feature I need.

Your support team was very responsive and helpful to a question I had about manually restoring files from split Zip files. As a contrast, my support experience with your competitors was horrible as I mostly received copy/paste sections of the user manual that were not even relevant to my problem.

Finally from my experience so far, you seem to have done an excellent job of designing and testing a high quality, user-friendly product. I especially appreciate this aspect as I am currently the Sr. Director of Quality Assurance at webMethods! ( - a business integration software company). Keep up the good work!"

Kevin Rudy
Thank you for this excellent program

Hi, Backup4all over there,

Just a note to thank you for this excellent program. Absolutely stable, hugely configurable and totally painless. Also appears to be developing rapidly with the new features in v4. Best backup utility I've used by a mile. Or kilometer. :) One happy user over here.

Kindest regards, Tim (UK)

Tom G. (Received by mail)

I have been trying for months to find a simple yet effective backup for a mid-size Law Firm. Success was found with Backup4all. What a great surprise. Success!! Success!!

Jerry S. (Received by mail)
Love it

I have been using Backup4All for several months now, and love it! I want to tell you what a beautiful makeover you have done to your website! You should win a web design award for it. Great job!!

Craig (Received by mail)
"I think Backup4All is a terrific product"

This is just a quick note, not for support, or information, but to just pass along a complement... I wanted you guys (especially the developers) to know that I think Backup4All is a terrific product. It couldn't have a nicer price, and it is so reliable.

It has exactly the features that I need... * Full and Incremental Backups * Ability to run on Windows Server 2003 (HUGE at this price) * Write backup directly to DVD (that one is huge!!) * Email status alerts (very nice!) * Tremendously user-friendly user interface * Restores that are accurate, fast, and easy to do

I could go on, but those are the things I like best. I have NEVER known Backup4All to fail on me. And, you guys are so great about notifying registered users of incremental releases. I really feel like you guys care about the quality of your product, and the quality of the customer service that you provide. As it happens (this was not my plan), today happens to be the anniversary of me having installed Backup4All on my server.

I tell my friends about Backup4All. Good luck, and keep the good stuff coming.

Andrew C. (Received by mail)
Great improvement

I just wanted to let you know that I have been using [Backup4all version] 4 for just a couple of days but the improvements are great. It used to take minutes to load the backup catalog so I could look at the properties, now it opens right away. Great improvement. I also like the new interface. Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blaine, System Engineer (Received by mail)
You have a great program

Dear Sir: I just send a e-mail with problems entering my registration key. I re download the program and I got the key to work, so there is no need to contact me. I just want to tell you that you have a great program. Of all the backup programs I have used over the year in my office yours is the best, it has made backing up my computers much easier and efficient, my compliments to all of the developers at backup4all.

John O. (Received by mail)
"You truly have a wonderful product"

I am prompted to write to you to compliment you on an excellent piece of software. I downloaded the 'lite' version from the Giveaway of the Day website a couple of days ago. Initially I was bewildered by the program and uninstalled it however, due to one of your staff who contacted me via email after I left my comments on the uninstall page I immediately downloaded the program again.

After studying the video help files I have now realized how to use the program and must say it surpasses my humble needs as a home user. I have searched for a number of years for the perfect backup program even using Norton Ghost, but I found it very disappointing as at the time of purchase it had no DVD/CD support. Even better the program is free, I mean how good can it get? Your program does all of these things and very well I might add, I have just completed a mirror backup while writing this message and with no errors, FANTASTIC!

You truly have a wonderful product and I wish you every success with future sales, I have left comments on all websites that I know of so hopefully this should help.

Heartfelt thanks once again, Don S.

Don S. (Received by mail)
Thanks for the work you guys did

Hey guys. I just wanted to shoot you an email thanking you for the quality of work on this program. A friend of mine and myself have been using this software for 1-2 years and love it. It’s the only piece of software that would do backups correctly when backing up to CD-RW / DVD-RW disks while using Nero’s InCD program as the CD/DVD writer. I researched 15-20 different programs to use and settled on yours because yours was the only one that did what we needed. We use it to backup to CD/DVDs along with syncing up our laptops to our desktops. I’m going to be buying another copy for our server to backup this up to an external drive.

So anyways, thanks for the work you guys did. As a computer programmer for 20 years, most people don’t know what goes on behind the scenes to pull off a piece of software like this, let alone supporting it.

So thanks again!

Mike S. (Received by mail)
"Thank you so much"

Dear backup4all development team, Thank you so much for developing a product that allows me to back up my way! I've used several back up systems (tape, zip, etc) in the past with no problems but then I switched to Vista and found that it does not offer flexibility in how and what you back up.

So I looked for another product to meet my needs. Sadly I bought Migo's software before finding yours. I tried to work with their software for a month and finally just couldn't stand it another day! Found yours on the Internet, loved the 30 day trial as I wasn't in the mood to get burned again and after only 3 days of using yours have purchased and kicked Migo to the curb.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

MaryAnn M. (Received by mail)
Your product had all the features I hoped for

Tested your trial download, and it worked splendidly. Review of your offerings indicates that I only need the Standard edition, not professional, so I am uninstalling the Professional edition and will immediately purchase the Standard version. I also tested (1) NTI backup, (2) NovaStor, (3) SP Desktop, (4) Winbackup2 and (5) Acronis True Image. All of these crashed, stalled, locked or otherwise messed-up the operation of my Vista computer, configured as it is with the software I have on-board. Your product had all the features I hoped for, and WORKS!!

Thanks. Paul

Paul H. (Received by mail)
I will recommend your product

Hello - I have tried many of the top-rated backup software products out there over the past month and yours tops them all in terms of simplicity and functionality. I will certainly recommend my colleagues to your product! Please keep supporting it. Thanks, David.

David W. (Received by mail)

I really like this product, and I do recommend it to others. Your tech support folks have been outstanding in addressing any minor issues that arise with new releases. Happily, problems have been few and far between lately; the last two releases seem to have been very well tested.

As a software professional for 25+ years, I wish more companies were as good at this as you are.

Ken G. (Received by mail)
"I trust Backup4All"

I just purchased Backup4All Professional. I have been using an older version of the product for years which I think came with a computer magazine disk, which I was very pleased with.

I am sticking with your product after I did file comparisons on test restored files from backups by two other *very popular* backup programs. They *appeared* to back up correctly but were in fact buggy in subtle ways I only knew about after a precautionary geeky comparison of restored files to my originals. One of them truncated long FAT32 filenames, and the other appended copies of some files to themselves, apparently at random, creating 'double-length' files!! Scary and quite pitiful since people rely on their backups!

I trust Backup4All because it has been tested properly and contains no nasty surprises at recovery time, unlike some competitors' programs. I pray you keep up the good work.

Steven S. (Received by mail)
your site is very crisp and not at all hard to read

Must say the look and feel is very good. I have been most impressed with the software and hence have visited the site for general information etc re its use. In all honesty I think I have finally stumbled upon a piece of software which is going to sort my backups out. I have finally got a regime in place now since installing Backup4all that does the job automatically for me and I feel quite confident in the robustness of the product. I have even gone to the extreme of building myself a Network Server just for my Backups, thank you.

I would also like to add that your site is very crisp and not at all hard to read. Unlike many others it still advertises the merits of the product but in a way that is not too "in your face". Whoever designed the concept has done it well. You are offering people the level of performance they require instead of forcing an unwanted product down their throat, plus it is a good product.

Well done and good fortune to you all Regards... Phil H.

Phil H. (Received by mail)
An excellent backup application for everyday

"As a developer myself, it was quite difficult to find a backup that really works. Don't know why, but most of today backup apps, are just featureless bloated and buggy garbageware best suited for business people with limited computer knowledge. In my company, we used almost any backup program available including famous "Backup MyPC", WinBackup and Genie Backup Manager before trying Backup4All. This one is really excellent with all real features people want. True incremental backups, built-in burner, ZIP disk support, zip64 deflate for beg backups (>2GB) and cataloging, all in less than 4MB. Backup4All is quite pricey (compared with others), but it's worth every cent. Support is also good, always got informative replies from them in less than 48 hours. Our Romanian friends did really good job ! Well done folks..."

Sakis Papademetriou (Published on SnapFiles)
It's really superb...

"I just wanted to say that I've been looking for good backup software for years and only now I've found it with Backup4All. It's really superb, and trust me, I've tried at least a dozen other.

Many thanks."

Steven L. (Received by mail)

"I get really frustrated with some seriously bad software but I also feel that really great software should be acknowledged. THIS SOFTWARE IS IN THE CATEGORY OF GOOD TO EXCELLENT. After this trial I will be ordering the software. Many thanks for producing smomething of quality."

Chris B. (Received by mail)


one of the best data backup solutions

"Another great Backup4All update. With latest version, Softland shows that they listen to their customer’s requests and comments, something really appreciated today. Backup4All remains one of the best data backup solutions, for everyday needs.

Strongly suggested!"

Inray (Posted on FileForum)
Don't need support - Who would with your well designed software

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Backup4all. It is one the best designed pieces of software I have seen. Thanks for filling a great need for data backup with ease. If you require additional beta testers in the future, count me in. Thanks again."

Julian E. (Received by email)


your product is fantastic

"Thanks - Just to let you know that your product is fantastic. We use it to backup all our data. It never fails and gives us a lot of comfort. Well done."

Martin Cooke (


great and handy backup software

"Hi Backup4all Team, just wanted to say thanks for such a great and handy backup software. That was exactly i was looking for. I just bought 3 full versions for our 3 servers in a colocation. We’ve now a dayly backup on an external HD for each server and user. We love it.

Thanks again for the good work! Florian"

Florian L. (Received by email)

"You are the FIRST people I have ever come across that truly understands how to COMBINE SUCCESSFUL elements together: 1) easy interface 2) simple procedure 3) program is quick to load up. I GIVE YOU 2 THUMBS UP!!!!(...)"

Received by email
Well designed

"I’ve been testing various backup software for over a year now and none compare Backup4all as for speed, features, design, support, and good design. Make sure you use Backup4all if you have any precious files at all."

Zaine Ridling (Published on CNET)
Nice product

"I have used a few other backup type programs ..most made proprietary copies..only readable with the program.. also many do not permit full backup versions.. multi-copies of the complete files/folders. I like your program since I can burn to a cd/dvd and restore with unzip. Always had issues with backup-restore programs that had to be loaded to restore.. how do you do that if the computer is trashed and you have to reload..?

Nice product works well easy to use"

Roger R (Received by email)
It’s worth every penny!

"I am using Backy4All for about two years now, and I never had any serious problem with it. I have seen and tested others and I wasted a lot of time. But this software surprised me. It has a nice interface, and most of the features make sense (no unnecessary gadgets) and really are working. It’s quite effective and not very difficult to configure backups: filters works as it should, before and after actions are handy backup logs are detailed enough and most important, you can rely on you backups. Whenever I needed support I first of all got an answer, second it was to the point, and third the response came within an reasonable time."

PeteJust (Posted on SnapFiles)
Very well designed

"Backup4all may seem a little pricey, but it's a true value when you discover all the features it provides. Stable, easy to use, and with a well designed interface, Backup4all is a natural at backups. Better yet, it accommodates every conceivable drive, from custom sizes to floppies to DVDs and their restorations. Simply put, Backup4all is no doubt impressive."

zridling (Published on SnapFiles)
"this one’s the best"

"I tried the rest and this one’s the best. I’m not dreading backups anymore. Pros:

  • great features/performance
  • small footprint
  • actually does incremental backups correctly!
  • command-line interface
  • robust help
  • affordable
  • attractive, well-designed UI

Cons: the explore pane is a bit confusing with the side-by-side plus signs. Maybe there's a more intuitive way to visualize this functionality."

sysin (Posted on
Simply the best!

"I looked for a backup-tool for the last days, and found Backup4all would simply be the best! I really like that "Start program before/after backup", I wrote some simple batch files which tell me how long a backup took or if it failed and similar..."

Manuel M. (Received by mail)
Highly recommended!

"This backup program is the best tool of its kind ever used before. A real professional solution. Highly recommended!"

ssb (Posted on FileForum)


you will love it

"I’ve been using DirSync lately for backups, and even though I’m not a fan of the ZIP format, it’s impossible to find fault with Backup4all because its developers seemed to have thought of everything. Once you get accustomed to using it, you will love it."

zridling (Posted on FileForum)


Very easy to configure

"I wanted to let you know just how happy I am with the program overall. VERY easy to configure, very reliable, and so far, no real glitches that I can see."

Mark (Received by mail)


Meets all items on my mandatory list

"I am impressed with their response in fixing bugs. All SW has bugs, but few companies are as responsive. If this was MS, it would be at least a year to get a patch. Features I consider absolutely mandatory for a good document backup utility are:

  • Writes CDs, and even better DVDs
  • Non-proprietary file format ["mirror" and standard zip files]
  • Job [backup] profiles
  • Filters [select what to include/exclude by file extension, etc]
  • Scheduler
  • Automatic verification
  • Fast
  • Full, incremental and differential modes
  • Clean interface so you can be certain what be included, excluded and the actions that will be taken.

Backup4all is the only product I know of that meets all of the items on my mandatory list."

Al Rider (Posted on
Best backup software

"I've tried many other backup utilities (including SyncbackSE and Handy Backup) until I found this one. It's reliable and very easy to use, not to mention the fact that their support is excellent. I highly recommend it!"

lianat (Published on SnapFiles)