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"Until you get burnt for the first time, you don't fear the fire. The same applies to computing, when talking about data security and backup. Since this is a popular topic, especially for those who happened to feel the fire once, my advice for everybody is to stay safe before something bad happens.

How can one avoid data loss? Even most reliable hard drives and UPS devices cannot give 100% protection against accidental file deletion or hardware failures. You can't rely on luck, and regular backups are the safest answer to the above. [...]

To be honest, I always say "I'll burn that backup folder someday this week" and the week passes without having my files backed up. With a program like Backup4all this issue can disappear, and the stress related to “what if my hard drive crashes” problem will disappear. I think that I'll leave the backup tasks for this program from now on. What about you?"

Codrut Nistor, Softpedia, Editor

"[...]Backup4all is one of the easiest backup solutions you will find that nearly any experience-level user will feel instantly at home with. So if you need a backup solution that everyone from your end users all the way up to your administrators can make use of, Backup4all might be the ideal solution."

Jack Wallen, TechRepublic, Editor

"[...]Overall, I’d say that Backup4all is the answer to Windows backup when you’re looking for a piece of software that will allow you to easily backup your most important files while also having complete control of the specifics. Backup4all is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP forward, and other versions are available, like Standard ($39.95), Lite, ($19.95), and Portable ($39.95). You can buy these versions, or Professional, from the Backup4all website."

Craig Snyder, MakeUseOf, Editor

No matter how many backup programs I review, there always seems to be another one coming down the pike. Some, such as Backup4All, are even worthwhile. A capable and nicely thought out application, Backup4All backs up files on the file-level, i.e., using the operating system's file structure. [...]

Jon L. Jacobi, PC World, Editor

"[...]Backup4all has a solution to suit your needs no matter your Windows backup requirements. It can back up anything and to any type of device, even to network-connected devices."

TopTenReviews Editor

Backup4all has an average user rating of 4.5/5 on Capterra, a popular website where you can read real user reviews, compare products, and get the latest software research to find the right solution for your business.

User reviews, Capterra

Backup4all received an Excellent award, with a perfect 5 out of 5 score. SnapFiles is one of the oldest download sites on the Internet and their editors thoroughly analyze the software they list.

SnapFiles Editor

"Softland claims that its Backup4all is a "feature-rich, intuitive backup solution for users of all versions of Windows at all levels of expertise from beginner to professional." That sounded like the backup solution I was looking for, so I took it for a test ride. […]

I especially like the fact that Backup4all uses standard zip file compression. […] For this reason alone, I would give the program high marks.

Backup4all lives up to its marketing claims. It’s versatile, has all the features you need, and is easy to use. The beginner can easily get a good backup the first time. And the professional can tweak the program until his backup hums along exactly as he wants it to. It runs on every Windows OS from 95 to XP, too. From $25 - $45, depending on the version you buy, Backup4all is a bargain. […]

Ken Harthun, LockerGnome, Contributing Editor

Backup4all received a perfect 5 out of 5 score from Tucows, a reputable download library.

Tucows Editor

Backup4all Review in Herald Publications

Backup4all was featured in several Herald Publications (El Segundo Herald, Inglewood News, Hawthorne Press Tribune and Lawndale News) in a review done by technology columnist Francine Brokaw.

"We all know the importance of keeping backup files of our most important information. Face it, inevitably something will go wrong and you don’t want to be in the situation where you have lost all of your important data. Backup4all is an easy to use program for Windows that gives you peace of mind by keeping backups of the files and folders that are the most important to you.[…]

This utility is so flexible you are not limited to specific locations, sizes or even how or when to backup and restore. There are so many options available making this a completely programmable utility that every user can customize to his or her needs. And, you don’t have to be a computer wiz to use it. It’s user-friendly. Well, maybe the first time you might be a little confused because it offers so much versatility, but the handy wizards and user manual will guide you through the process and in no time you’ll have peace of mind knowing your important files, data, photos, email etc. are backed up and easy to retrieve. […]"

Francine Brokaw, Herald Publications, Columnist

[…]"Proving that backing up data need not be difficult or arduous, Backup4all makes it very simple to safeguard your valuable data."

Mark Wilson, DownloadCrew, Editor

Backup4all Professional received the Editor's Choice award from UpdateStar and an User Rating "Excellent" vote. Trusted by 10 million active users each month, UpdateStar allows users to access and acquire all of their software, updates and downloads as well as licenses from one place.

UpdateStar Editor

Well, dear reader, we finally found what we're looking for — a reliable and responsible backup program, easy to use, reasonably priced, and full of smart features including "set it and forget it".

It's Backup4all, and right to the point, this carefully deisgned program backs up your files in a Zip format, which can be read by any zip application and allows you to explore your backed up files in the "Explorer" fashion you're accustomed to.[...]

Martin Selkirk, Scene4 Magazine

Are you looking for powerful yet easy to use backup application which works at files and folders basis? So you can try the Backup4All. It offers files and folders backup. You can use other folders, external drives, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, network, FTP or SFTP servers as storage for your backup. You will like its plugins philosophy saving you time and doesn’t require advanced knowledge.

Jan Polzer,, Editor

Backup4all Review in Computer!Totaal magazine

Een back-upprogramma moet eenvoudig en gedegen zijn. Maar u wilt tegelijkertijd wel greep kunnen houden op wat er precies in uw back-ups terecht komt en wanneer. Als dit ongeveer uw wensen zijn, dan moet u zeker Backup4all proberen: u krijgt voor weinig geld een zeer volwassen pakket.[...]

Arian Ooijevaar, Computer!Totaal Magazine

[...]Vanzelfsprekend beschikt Backup4all over meer mogelijkheden, maar de belangrijkste wizards, instellingen en kenmerken van het programma hebben we wel besproken. Mocht je hulp nodig hebben dan kun je terecht bij Nucia, op het officiële forum van Backup4all. Daar vind je ook extra handleidingen, tips en meer informatie over de verschillende versies van het programma. Ook kun je daar lezen hoe je het programma bestelt en registreert, en tevens vind je daar en verzameling plugins voor Backup4all. "Happy backupping!".

Michael4446,, Nieuwsredacteur

Backup4all Review in Smart Computing magazine

Backup4all was reviewed in the January 2006 issue of Smart Computing magazine (Vol.17 Issue 1) and received a 4.8 out of 5 overall score, structured as follows:

  • Performance - 5 out of 5
  • Ease Of Use - 5 out of 5
  • Installation - 5 out of 5
  • Documentation - 4 out of 5
  • Price - 5 out of 5
Jennifer Farwell, Smart Computing, Editor

Backup4all Review in NeatNetTricks

[...]"Will You Continue To Use It?

Reviewer 1: Yes. Several years ago, I bought a different backup program. Unfortunately, I found it very confusing to use, and after making several backups, I simply stopped. Backup4all, by contrast, is very easy to use while also offering a wealth of powerful features.

Reviewer 2: Yes, as an addition or alternate to my primary backup program and disc imaging program.

Reviewer 3: Yes. It is the easiest and most robust program I have found to backup data. I will continue to use an imaging program to backup my operating system and programs but will stay with Backup4all to safeguard my data.

Reviewer 4: Yes, I will.

Reviewer 5: Yes, I love it!"

NeatNetTricks Editor

"If you are looking for a PC backup solution that is easy to use and easy to configure they Backup4all will live up to its name for you. By default there are many preconfigured setting already in place for you to start with, like My Documents, My Pictures, IE Favorites, etc... If this is all you need to backup then a one click motion is all you need to perform. You can backup to a CD/DVD/Blu Ray or to an FTP account, SFTP or any USB thumb drive.

Basically anything you want to backup can be scheduled to do so automatically when you want it to. With built in file protection, if the disc should ever fall into the wrong hands you will be safe."

Rob Boirun, BurnWorld, Senior Editor

"I have found Backup4all to be one of the best tools that I have evaluated in my search for the ultimate backup program. It is well organized and is easily understood by novice users, while advanced users will find additional options hidden beneath the surface. The implementation of the backup process itself is solid and a very thorough feature set has been provided, improved regularly by an active development team.

Thankfully, Backup4all relies on the industry-standard Zip compression format, minimizing concerns over long-term product support and backup recovery.

One of the more useful features I found was the powerful versioning system that automatically purges old snapshots according to a specification of storage requirements.

Through the partitioning of one's backup into several smaller jobs, it is a simple matter to implement virtually any automated backup scheme. If you are searching for a robust and powerful backup utility, Backup4All should be on your shortlist."

Calvin Hass, Impulse Adventure

Backup4all Review by Julie Smyth

"I've used a few backup programs over the years on Wintel machines and this one was an unexpected surprise. That is, an unexpected pleasant surprise, because it does exactly what it says it will do. It's easy to use for all levels of user because of it's logical GUI and offers a range of backup options, mirroring, incremental and the tool can be configured to run multiple backups of multiple types. It's nice to find value for money and I guess on that note, I'm raising both thumbs in the air for this little gem. [...]"

Julie Smyth, Editor,

Backup4all Review by Richard Frisch

"My final Windows recommendation is Backup4all Professional an inexpensive, full-featured backup program. It costs $45. There is a trial version and two, lower priced versions, Standard ($30) and Lite ($20). Backup4all Professional is so feature rich that at first glance you may be overwhelmed. However, it is worth the effort to learn how to use it. Its backup set can span multiple volumes such as USB flash memory drives, CDs or DVDs. The backup can be compressed and encrypted, if you want. It can automatically email you a report on its activities. It backs up open and locked files like an Outlook data file. Replicator and IdleBackup cannot do these things. [...]"

Richard Frisch, RHFtech Help Desk

Backup4all Review by Jim Powell

"You can’t be too careful about your data, and Backup4All does a good job using a well-designed interface, with plenty of bells and whistles for more experienced users. A "standard" version may be all you need if you don’t want e-mail notification or AES 128, 192, and 256-bit encryption. A full comparison chart is available at /compare-products.html [...]"

Jim Powell, Editor,

Backup4all Review by Jeff Gedgaud

Ease of Use, Performance: 20/25
Look & Feel: 21/25
Features & Software 22/25
How much I enjoy 20/25
Total: 83/100

Overall Backup4all is a great backup program that automates the backup process for you easily and simply. Hopefully you will not have to recover files but you can rest assured that the process works with ease and accomplishes everything you could need from a backup program. I highly recommend Backup4all for an easy to use backup and restore software program.

Jeff Gedgaud, AssociatedContent, Content Producer

"[…] Backup4all is an economical, simple-to-use, and comprehensive solution to do your backups. It allows you to perform all tasks through wizards, although advanced users will love the various extra options available.

Geetesh Bajaj, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP

Backup4all Review by Dale Farris

"[…] Backup4all's interface is well designed and easy to use for everybody. In order to backup your data, you will use the New Backup Wizard, accessible from the File menu, toolbar button, or using the Ctrl+N keyboard shortcut.

The first step is called General and it will ask you for basic information, such as backup name, group, icon, and description. There are also three predefined backups you can choose from, including My Documents, My Pictures, and Outlook Express.[…]"

Dale Farris, Reviews Coordinator, Golden Triangle PC Club

Backup4all Review by James Shaw

"In any case, surprisingly none of the recommendations worked out. So, I googled backup softtware myself and actually found one that I will probably buy at the end of the 30 day trial! I've never heard of it before - Backup4All. [...]

It can backup to FTP and to a USB drive. It keeps unlimited versions of files (if you want) and a big bonus is that it backs up into zip files. No scheme reminiscent of SourceSafe with unrecoverable data. You can, outside of Backup4All, go and open the zip and get a file. I love that."

James Shaw,

Backup4all Review by 3d2f

"Selecting backup software is not an easy task. Such software has so many requirements, because it should be used almost every day and become vital for you. Some of those requirements conflicts with others (for ex., software should be feature-rich, and at same time easy-to-use; it should work surely, but fast; should store all important data but economize disk space, and so on). We’d like to see an excellent backup solution, which would combine all of those features in the «right» ratio. That is why we like Backup4all — because it IS an excellent backup solution."

Editor, 3D2F

Backup4all Review by PRO Networks

"[…]We were quite pleasantly surprised to find that Backup4all installed and worked well on the latest Vista release (December CTP Build 5270). While this is still a Beta Operating system, it is nice to see that this program seems to be Vista compatible and that it will even use the Vista Aero theme without difficulties. […]

Overall, we were quite impressed with Backup4all. Its performance was quite good, creating backups and restoring data in a reasonable amount of time. Using a standard zip format is also a big plus, allowing restoration of files with any common zip utility, as is the ability to password protect the zip file. The Mirror Backup type, while using more space and not allowing security, has the advantage of faster speed and easier access to backed up data. Built in CD/DVD support is an advantage for those who don’t wish to use third party software, although UDF support is also offered (this is not supported in the OTB version). The ability to install and run on the latest test version of Windows Vista is also a big plus.

Because of its wealth of features, we were quite impressed with Backup4all and have rated it 8 out of 10. […]"

Paul Gunnels, PRO Networks, PR Vice Officer

Dr. File Finder

"Backup4all, by Softland, is a slick backup utility that I first reviewed well over a year ago. Since then the product has gotten even better and I wanted to review it for you again. A key thing, in my opinion, about this software is that it is extremely easy-to-use and that's a plus. [...] you'll never know how very important it is to have backups until your hard disk crashes and you don't have one! So, save yourself a huge headache and start backing up your computer. Give Backup4all a try, I recommend it!"

Michael E. Callahan, SIAF, Chairman

Backup4all Review in

"Tenendo conto che questo software ha un costo alla portata di chiunque, che è tradotto in italiano, che è estremamente semplice da usare e che è coperta da un servizio gratuito di assistenza online, ne consiglierei senz'altro l'acquisto in quanto è sicuramente all'altezza di tanti altri software professionali molto costosi che magari contengono opzioni inutili all'utenza di fascia media (come i backup su nastro) e nello stesso tempo è migliore di altre soluzioni gratuite, che spesso risultano instabili o molto pesanti.".

Catania A. E. R.,, Editor

Mrs. Wizard's Review

"There are plenty of backup programs available, but not many can pass the Mrs. Wizard acid test for ease of use and kindness to your system and resources. Backup4all passed with flying colors and I am pleased to include it as a Gem of a backup program. Backup4all by Softland is very easy to install and use.[...] I really appreciated the way Backup4all didn’t fuss about my DVD recorder. I braced myself for a brain cell drain, but it turned out to be a non-issue. Thank you, Backup4all! I just chose the DVD drive as the destination, put in a fresh (blank) recordable DVD (right out of the box), and the built-in burner in Backup4all did the rest.[...] Backup4all makes backing up your personal files easy. Their website is a great education on different types of backups (mirror, full backup, differential, and incremental backups). Spend some time there, learn a lot, download Backup4all and give it a spin!"

Cindy O’Neal, QuickTips, Editor

"Backup4All - an excellent backup product. Over the years, I have used several backup applications, including Windows NTBackup utility. Recently, I discovered a program called Backup4All by Softland. This award-winning software runs on the 32/64-bits versions of Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7/Vista/XP and Windows Server 2012/2008/2003. You can backup data to a local hard drive, to another computer on the LAN, USB drives, or to other removable media such as CD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, etc. [...]

Overall, I was very impressed by Backup4All software and would highly recommend for personal as well as business use. The software is loaded with some very nice features and is very intuitive, reliable, fast, and convenient. I can’t think of a major drawback that will prevent me from using this program but I have included a list of recommendations for the makers of the software to consider for future versions. In my opinion, you can’t find a better backup solution for the price, value and quality that Backup4All offers. [...]"

Zubair Alexander, Microsoft Certified Trainer

Backup software review by Mike Gunderloy

"As professional developers, we all know there are some software tools that we shouldn’t do without: source code control and bug tracking, for example. Given how dedicated we are about that sort of thing, it’s amazing how many developers I find who neglect some of the other basic tools that any user should have. Backup software, for example. When was the last time you backed up your crucial files? Do you even have any backup software? And if not, why not?

Over the weekend I took at look at Backup4all, which is an inexpensive (pricing ranges from $25 for a version that just mirrors your files to another location to $45 for the Professional Edition with all the features) but pretty slick backup utility with quite a range of features. [...]

Sure, there are lots of backup programs out there. Are you using any of them? If not, and you don’t need fancy high-end enterprise features, this is a darned good one to start with. [...]"

Mike Gunderloy, Larkware, Lead Developer

Backup4all review by GeekPedia

"We all get mad when we lose our precious files for different reasons, human error or computer crash. Still statistics show that we don't do much about it, "It won't happen to me!", most think, including me. We're wrong. Just a few days ago I wished I had a backup when I accidentally deleted a very important PHP file...

The easiest way to backup, is of course to use a backup utility like Backup4All, developed by Softland[...]. This application has all the features you would ever need in a backup utility - backup scheduling, file filters, differential backup, incremental backup, organizing in groups, statistics and even CD-R/RW backup[...] Another plus for this application is that the compression is done in ZIP so you can access your backups without having to use the application. Also the password is set on the archive so there's nothing to worry about.

Conclusion? I never used a backup utility frequently, but I will be starting today thanks to Backup4All."

Andrei Pociu, GeekPedia, Administrator

Backup software review by Terry Bibo

"Backups are the insurance policies of computing. They require only a small outlay but their return can be inestimable. [...]

Backup4all is very good in this area and provides logical progression through selecting the source of backup material, the destination drive and folder, and the type of backup. It works with any drive letter, and comes with its own built-in CD/DVD burning support.[...]

There is no substitute for DOING, and I recommend reading the comprehensive help file and associated FAQ to the best of your ability, then getting in and doing the job. You will learn with time, and you will appreciate your effort the next time your computer crashes. Backup4all is a good program to begin your education. Now be ready to settle in to a regular backup routine."

Terry Bibo, PC Users Group (ACT), Member

"Backup4all offers a clean and easy to use interface, and because they use the zip format, even if you lose the software or it becomes corrupted you can still get at your files using any number of programs that support zip files.

Installing software cannot be any easier. You answer the standard questions about location and so forth, and it does the rest. [...] When you launch the program you are greeted with an uncluttered window that is broken up into several smaller sections. [...] I honestly could not think of a backup feature that I would want that this program did not provide.[...]

I highly recommend this program for anyone who is looking for an inexpensive backup program."

Ryan McLaughlin, JusTech'n, Site Owner

Backup software review by Jason Wallwork

"Backup4all: It Could Keep You Out Of The Doghouse Backup4all can use network drives, zip drives, CDs (CD-R/CD-RW), DVDs (DVD-R/DVD+R/DVD-RW/DVD+RW) using internal drivers. If your device isn’t supported you can backup your files to a folder and use your regular CD/DVD burning software to write the backup.

Doing a backup is easy with the program’s backup wizard. Choose the directories, even specific files to backup, choose where to, and what type of backup you’ll use. If you use CD-RWs, you are even given the option of erasing it before doing the backup. [...]

In my tests, I was able to backup and restore full and incremental backup data successfully several times. Tech support was both friendly and helpful. I recommend this program without hesitation if you need a backup solution.[...]"

Jason Wallwork, Kawartha Computer Club, President

"If the latest online and broadcast harangues by Leo Laporte (The Screen Savers, Call for Help, Leo Laporte Show on LA's KFI radio) and Kickstartnews Managing Editor Howard Carson (and me) and every other guru out there about doing regular data backups of your hard drive is beginning to sound irritating, it's only because we've all fielded a lot plaintive phone calls and e-mail from unlucky people who've lost a mess of files and don't know what to do.

The solution to any problem of that kind begins before the problem happens of course. You've got to do regular backups. [...]

Backup4all is very easy to use and doesn't get in the way of the task at hand which is to back up the drives, folders or even individual files you designate. Backup4all does not demand your undivided attention, it works fast, and it saves backups on hard drives, CD-R/RW and DVD-/+R/RW. Once you've installed Backup4all, you will no longer have any excuse for not doing regular backups. Highly recommended. [...]"

Jack Reikel, KickStartNews, Editor

Backup software review by Axle Davies

"Backup4all Professional Edition is a compact backup program that packs a punch. Backup4all lets you select any image or directory, and create it into one big file. The interface is pretty simple and nicely laid out. The majority of the program is a wizard, which will help you create, edit and name your backup file. [...]

Overall, I really liked this utility. It provided me with a chance to get comfy with backup procedures. Backup4all really made it easy for me to do, and made it easy to organize and categorize for later backups and restorations. I format a lot, and sometimes I really want to keep a good deal of my files handy and not scattered everywhere on random disks in random folders.

Personally, I’d recommend this program to anyone who wants to get serious about backing up. Everything seemed so simple to go through. Backup4all is definitely a user friendly program with exceptional abilities. [...]"

Axle Davies, MeetTheGeeks, Owner/Webmaster

Backup software review by The Zjooj

"It is not often, really, that we do a review on a product that isn't freeware but we recently were informed of a product that we decided to take a look at. As it turns out, this product is a real contender in Backup Software reviews. The product aptly named BackUp4All offers a shareware version that will hook you the first time you use it. It truly is simple for just about everyone.

The version of BU4A (BackUp4All), 2.3.2 is a nice change of pace compared to other Backup solutions. The interface is very clean and the functionality is simple once you learn the developers Icons. Which, honestly, does not take all that much time. [...]

All-in-all the application is an excellent option as a complete personal backup solution. Even with it's miniscule "Cons" we still recommend it as a reliable and inexpensive option for just about any type of user. [...]"

"The Zjooj" team,, Owner/Webmaster

Backup software review by Nate Lipsen

"We all know how important it is to have a current backup of important data files. Yet how many of us have that backup when disaster strikes? Whether it’s a virus attack, hard disk crash, accidental deletion or theft, your data will be safe if you take the time to make a backup. With Backup4all Professional, making that backup is quick, easy and can be automated, if so desired. Maybe even more important, restores are also quick and easy and do not even depend on having Backup4all software installed. I tested Backup4all Professional version 2 on several Windows XP and Windows 98 systems and it always worked flawlessly. [...]

Overall, I found Backup4all Professional to be one of the most intuitive, convenient, secure, and feature-rich programs I’ve encountered.

I can highly recommend it to both the computer novice with one PC and the professional wishing to protect a small network. [...]"

Nate Lipsen, WPCUG, Webmaster

"Backup4all couples an intuitive user interface with the rare ability to create spanned backups to optical discs in native format. It's a good choice as long as you always remember to check the log file after backing up."

Sheryl Canter, PC Magazine, Contributor