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Adobe Photoshop CS5

Relased on: 2012-06-12 | v. 12.0+
Photoshop CS5 is part of the Adobe Creative Suite and expands the toolset that Adobe offers on the market. This plugin once installed in Backup4all will allow defining a backup job that will back-up Adobe Photoshop CS5 configurations and registry entries
Download (1kB)


Relased on: 2012-06-12 | v. 5.0+
Skype is a voice-over-ip (VOIP) program that allows millions of users to communicate via voice and video chat. With this backup plugin you'll be able to back-up Skype profiles, logs, extras, apps, plugins and registry keys.
Download (2kB)

Windows Media Player 12

Relased on: 2012-06-12 | v. 12.0+
Windows Media Player is the most popular multimedia player created for playing audio and video files, organizing music, ripping music and creating audio CDs. You can create playlists of music, videos, pictures, recorded TV programs and other media files.
Download (1kB)


Relased on: 2012-06-12 | v. 3.0+
Picasa is an image organizer and image viewer for organizing and editing digital photos, plus an integrated photo-sharing website.
Download (1kB)


Relased on: 2012-06-12 | v. 2.0.0+
Pidgin is a chat program which lets you log in simultaneously to multiple accounts over several networks.
Download (823B)


Relased on: 2012-06-12 | v. All
IncrediMail is a free email program that manages all your email messages, communications, contact details and email transactions, while adding a bit of fun given the impressive amount of similies it has
Download (1kB)


Relased on: 2012-06-12 | v. 4.0+
ESET NOD32 Antivirus, commonly known as NOD32, is an antivirus software package made by the Slovak company ESET.
Download (1kB)


Relased on: 2012-06-12 | v. 3.0+
WinRAR is a popular archiving program that allows users to compress data in RAR, ZIP or other formats. With the help of this plugin you can back-up its settings.
Download (1kB)


Relased on: 2012-06-12 | v. 7.0+
AVG is a free popular antivirus that scans and removes viruses from your computer. There are two editions available, the plugins is for the free edition and will back-up the AVG vault (where detected threats are kept), logs, data files and registry
Download (1kB)

MSN Messenger

Relased on: 2012-06-12 | v. 15.0+
MSN Messenger was the name of the instant messenger that Microsoft distribute with Windows from 1999 to 2006. The new version is called Windows Live Messenger and is part of the Windows Live suite of products. This back-up plugin is for the older version, in case you are using it on a system that doesn't support Windows Live Messenger, and will back-up: Contacts, Messenger folder, History and Registry keys.
Download (1kB)